Follow the Wolf: OUAT “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” Recap


As I continue my rewatch of Once Upon A Time, I am going to recap another important episode from early season 1, episode 7: “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”, that features the story of the Huntsman aka the Irishmen himself, Jamie Dornan.


Let’s begin!

The episode begins with the season 1 staple saying of “There is a Town in Maine…” with all the little details to remember from episodes 1-6.

Followed by the recap, Graham is shown in Granny’s Diner, which just so happens be a diner, romantic restaurant, and bar all rolled in to one, playing darts when Emma comes in with an awkward filled moment after she ran into him leaving Regina’s from his ‘booty call.’ Graham reveals that he never feels anything with Regina, or at all, and kisses Emma and then suddenly sees flashes of his past life as the Huntsman.  After they part, Graham decides to go to Regina for another ‘booty call.’

Cue first flashback to Fairytale Land.

The flashback begins with Snow at her father’s grave and Regina “comforting” her before going immediately to her room to talk about killing her.  As Regina decides to find a heartless killer, the Huntsman is seen crying over a kill with his pet wolf and Graham wakes up in Regina’s bed, in present time, with more flashes of his past life.  As he leaves, Graham sees his pet wolf from FTL (Fairytale Land) and starts panicking even more.

After the break, Emma sees some flowers in her apartment with Mary Margaret, assuming they were from Graham throws them away and it turns out they were for Mary Margaret from—Dr. Whale—after a one night stand with him (who would’ve thunk Snow White have a one night stand with someone? Not I.)  A pep talk from Mary Margaret gives Emma a little perspective on how Emma may feel for Mr. Graham.

When the flashback continues the Huntsman goes to a bar where there is some criticisms and complaints about the Huntsman, which of course ends badly with the Huntsman killing someone for criticizing him and his wolf family, and as Regina sees from her magic mirror, she summons him to her castle to do her bidding.

Storybrooke shows Graham chasing his wolf friend and again has more flashes of his past life, this time of almost killing Snow White, or as he knows Mary Margaret, causing more confusion to him.

Graham confronts Mary Margaret in his feverish, sweaty, red eyes state, and with all his two lives talk, she thinks he is talking about Henry’s curse theory, that no one believes (even though no one remembers how they actually met and an adult, albeit a sick one, is sort of connecting the confusing dots, someone should’ve believed him).

Once the Evil Queen has summoned the Huntsman, she asks him to kill Snow White and he goes on his way, which means taking Snow White for a walk in the woods.  Snow White, being the smart one that she is, figures out that this Huntsman is not a guard, but coming to kill her by the Queen’s order. Snow knocks out the Huntsman and tries to run away (can still kick butt before her bandit days).

The Huntsman finds Snow and she is writing a letter to Regina about her sorrow for ruining her life.  When the Huntsman reads it he lets her go and finds another way to get the Queen a heart.

Present time returns and Graham decides to pay a 10 year old (Henry) a visit for help.  Henry tries to determine who
Graham was in his theory and they figure out that the kiss that Emma and Graham had triggered his memories: 1) Because she is the Savior and 2) The connection they share because saving Snow’s life meant Emma could be born.  He is then told that the Evil Queen took his heart as punishment.

Complicated, I know.

Emma greets Graham as he leaves Henry and gives him proof that his heart is truly in his chest and we have an adorable moment between Emma and Graham (Jennifer Morrison really does have great chemistry with all of her ‘love interests).  Of course, then Graham’s wolf friend appears and they follow it to a vault in a graveyard that Graham thinks his heart is located in and he decides to look inside for his heart.

In the flashback, the Huntsman arrives to the Queen, reads Snows letter, and gives her the (wrong) heart, which she decides is not what she wants.  As punishment, she takes his heart to become her “pet,” or sex slave (however you ever want to put it) and has the guards take him to her bed chamber (this is the creepiest thing that Regina does in the series).

After Graham can’t find his heart in the vault, he leaves, where Regina shows up to put flowers in the vault.  Since Graham is seeing everything more clearly he ends his “relationship” with Regina because he has never felt anything for her, which she thinks is because he has feelings for Emma (which he totally does).  Emma tells off Regina for having the men (Henry and Graham) coming to her after the horrible life she has given them.  Regina does not take this well and throws a punch, Emma reciprocates and a short fight ensues.  Finally, Emma and Graham decide to walk away from Regina, who is still furious.

The final act begins with Graham mending Emma’s wounds at the Sheriff’s Station having their sweet, little moments. 
Simultaneously, Regina is seen going into her vault, which happens to have a secret opening into a bigger vault, which actually does contain—dun, dun—Graham’s heart.  In Sheriff’s Station, Emma decides to open up to Graham and kiss him (Yay!).  With this, Graham can remember everything about life as the Huntsman.  He thanks Emma and just as they kiss again (and Emma can be happy for the first time in a long time) he falls down in pain.  Cut to Regina in her vault, with a heart, that seemingly belongs to Graham, clutched in her hands and with a wet, teary face, crushes it to dust.

Emma is then seen trying to revive Graham in the station, who has now died in her arms.

And the puddle of tears begins.  RIP Graham. You will be missed.uglysobbing

This concludes another recap of Once Upon A Time.  I hope you enjoy and leave some notes in the comments, if you wish.

Again, thanks for reading.


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