Once Upon A Time Season 3 DVD Review


Today is the day. The day that Once Upon A Time Season 3 was finally released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Since I have been looking forward to this day since season 3 ended I, of course, went out and bought a copy of the DVD.

So now, I am going to do a quick review of what I saw after I bought it.

First things first, the cover.  The cover is very nice, however; my only concern is that there is no indication of what
happened during the season.  A lot happened and a lot of places were visited.  There is no evidence of Neverland, Storybrooke, or even Oz.  Only the essence of the Enchanted Forest with top of Regina’s face and an apple, which is part of a story that was told waaayyy back in season 1.

The other aspect of the DVD that didn’t make the most sense to me is who is featured on the inside cover and discs. Those obviously featured are Emma, Regina, Rumple. Snow, and Charming, but this year, just like last season’s DVDs, they forget to include 3, pretty important cast members (Neal, Henry, and Belle, last season was Ruby) and include Hook on both a disc and the cover.  I will never understand the logic in that.

To point out: I am a fan of Hook, the character.  He just seems to pop up in commercials and these DVDs much more than other series regulars (i.e. Henry, Neal, Belle)

As for the what else is contained in the DVD set.

It contains all 22 fantastic episodes of season 3, which is the main reason why I wanted to own the season.

There are also special features up the wazoo, from a villian and and Ariel featurette to the bloopers, which has already popped up around the internet.

Also on some of the discs are audio commentaries for 3 select episodes: “Lost Girl,” “Think Lovely Thoughts,” and “Jolly Roger.”  This are 2 less than last season, but I’m sure the commentaries will be informative and entertaining.  “Think Lovely Thoughts” includes cast commentary from Robert Carlyle (Rumple) and “Jolly Roger” includes Colin O’Donoughue (Hook), along with writers of these episodes.  This does mean a Josh Dallas and Ginny Goodwin-less commentary for the season (which I enjoyed in season 2), but hey, they were a tad busy when they finished season 3.

There are 5 deleted scenes on the DVDs, based on what I have seen on the internet, there seems to be another 3 deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray discs, which is a bummer, but hey I’ll be fine without them.  But, one scene between Henry and Emma is definitely worth watching (from 3×16, talking about Neal).

Overall, I am certainly happy with my purchase.  The DVD set may not have been up to snuff with what I bought in season 2 (I mean, there was Good Morning, Storybrooke, the cheesiest, yet best thing to happen on the DVDs), but the quality of episodes in season 3 certainly outways anything in the DVD set. And this season had a lot of quality episodes (“Ariel,” “Going Home,” and that finale, to name a few).

So if you liked the episodes as much as I did this season, the Once Upon A Time season 3 set, is definitely worth it.


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