A Heart Full of Darkness–OUAT “Heart of Darkness” Recap


Onto my third recap, this time for the continuing journey of Snow White and Prince Charming in season 1 episode 16 “Heart of Darkness.”

So, let’s begin.

To get bearings for this episode, it takes place in the middle of the Kathryn “murder” debacle, when Mary Margaret is arrested for having her fingerprints on a box with a heart inside, presumably belonging to David’s wife, Kathryn.

After an attack from King George’s army, Charming escapes on horseback with the help of Red Riding Hood’s alter ego—the wolf.  In Storybrooke, we see Mary Margaret who is getting her mug shot taken by Emma in the Sherriff’s station trying to convince her that she didn’t kill Kathryn, which Emma obviously knows.

Back in the FTL (Fairytale Land), Snow is seen dancing, with a broom, humming to herself in the dwarves cottage with a blue bird nearby (how very Snow White of her), but suddenly she stops humming and starts swiping at the bird, angrily (not very Snow White of her).  After Grumpy sees this, he asks her to come to the other room to eat, but actually it’s an intervention for Snow’s anger since she took the potion that made her forget Charming.  There’s an entertaining exchange between Jiminy Cricket, the Dwarves, and an angry, bitter Snow, but the exchange leads to Snow realizing she wants revenge on the Queen for taking everything away from her (dad, castle, etc.) and leaves to go after her.

In Storybrooke, Emma has to question Mary Margaret, but Regina asks to be present for Emma to remain unbiased, but really it’s just to watch Mary Margaret squirm when she identifies the jewelry box and subtly foreshadow why Regina hates Mary Margaret.  After a quick talk with Regina about a break in, Emma decides to do a little investigating at her and Mary Margaret’s apartment.

In FTL, Snow begins her revenge on the Queen when she stops and takes down a Queen’s knight and threatens him to tell her where she will be or she’ll use a Dwarf’s pick axe on him.  When Grumpy shows up, he decides to take her to Rumple to find a cure for the potion she took, she goes willingly, only after her salty little comment towards Grumpy, the “Dwarf with a bad attitude.”

As Emma searches for signs of a break in at the apartment, Henry pops in to help and accuse Regina of framing Mary Margaret because “The Queen hates Snow White” (if only people listened to his theory sooner).  Through the continuous look, Emma hears a strange noise and in the vent is the hunting knife that was used to cut out the heart (uh oh).

Poor, discouraged Henry is shown in Granny’s Diner, when August “The Stranger” pops in next to him and tells him to look for the answer in his book, meaning August knows and believes Henry’s theory and his job is to get Emma to believe in the story. (I knew I liked that character for a reason).

Charming then comes across the same Knight that Snow threatened in FTL and Charming is not happy that the Knight would accuse Snow.  In Storybrooke, David stops by Regina’s office to say that he doesn’t believe the accusations against Mary Margaret, but Regina wants David to know that everyone may have evil in them, which he decides to retort with saying that Regina doesn’t know about evil. (HA!-nice joke).

Emma decides to tell Mary Margaret about finding the knife, and wants her to find a lawyer—cue Mr. Gold’s entrance offering his services (a good and bad idea all at the same time).  Mary Margaret hires him and instead of payment he says that he is “invested in her future” (meaning to come later).

FTL shows Grumpy and Snow visiting Rumple and even though he can’t give her an antidote for the first potion she instead asks for something to defeat the Queen with, a bow and arrow that does not miss its target.  And again, instead of payment, Rumple says that he is “invested in her future.”  After Snow leaves Rumple’s, Charming shows up and asks questions about the potion he gave her and in exchange for her location he gives Rumple his cloak and heads off to find her.

When Charming finds Snow, he sneak attacks her and kisses her to get her to remember, but since she doesn’t remember him, she wouldn’t believe and then knocks him out.  Can you really blame her?  When he wakes up, Charming is tied to a tree trying to convince Snow not to kill the Queen, but instead of listening she walks away.

After reaching a conclusion with his book, Henry shows up at the apartment with a set of skeleton keys he stole from

Regina.  Emma still doesn’t want to believe Regina is framing Mary Margaret, but after Henry tries a few keys, Emma takes a whack at it and to her surprise (not Henry’s) the one key she chooses, opens the door to the apartment.

To help with his memories, David visits Archie to figure out what happened in his blackouts.  During the hypnotism, he begins to combine memories of Storybrooke and FTL with Snow talking about murdering the Queen, which David confuses with killing Kathryn, when he wakes up he quickly leaves Archie’s office.

In FTL after Snow leaves Charming tied up, Jiminy Cricket arrives and while cutting him out, gives Charming a way for Snow to believe he loves her, to help her to remember again.  Suddenly, Snow is seen getting ready to shoot the arrow and just as she releases, Charming takes the arrow to the shoulder and confesses his love saying, “I’d rather die than let your heart fill with darkness” (title pun).  Snow is so shocked that Charming would die for her, she kisses him and suddenly remembers him (YAY!).  Unfortunately, the happiness doesn’t last long because King George’s army comes to take Charming away.  And so continues Snow and Charming’s popular phrase, “I will always find you.”

In Storybrooke, David confronts Mary Margaret in jail and as he begins to accuse her of killing Kathryn because of the “evidence,” Mary Margaret points out the obvious.  She was by his side when he was accused of killing Kathryn with evidence, and with that Mary Margaret kicks David out.

After Charming is taken, Snow returns to the dwarves and apologizes to them for her attitude, but instead of staying she leaves to go get Charming, but not without her dwarves (cue 1st Snow White and the 7 Dwarves reference).

As the good Snow White would do, in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is making her bed in her jail cell and as she does a skeleton key (identical to Regina’s) appears in the cell, and it turns out it fits the lock, but hides it when Emma pops in and reveals that the DNA of the heart matches Kathryn’s.  Emma believes that it is Regina who is framing her, but she has to be careful in proceeding, but wants Mary Margaret to have faith in her.  But, who does she turn to for help—Mr. Gold (again, both a good and bad idea). 

The episode ends with Rumple taking hairs from Charming’s cloak and when he combines it with a hair he took from Snow for her forgetful potion.  What do these hairs make, you may ask? True Love.  But we don’t know what will be used for…yet.

The last shot takes place in the Sherriff’s Station with Mary Margaret’s jail cell wide open—empty (uh, oh).

Hope you stuck around for this recap.  I guess I do not know how to make a short recap, but there is just so much information in each episode, but I’ll try to make them shorter.

‘Till the next one.


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