Beauty and the..Mom?


Earlier this week, it was announced that Once Upon A TIme was going to explore who Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) mom is.

Of course, in both the Disney film and on OUAT we have met Belle’s dad, Maurice (Eric Keenleyside), but I wonder what introducing Belle’s
mother to the show will entail??

In the article, Adam Horowitz (executive producer) said Belle’s mother will appear in a story that takes place before Belle’s life with Rumple, her new husband.  But what if her mother somehow creeps into the life of present-time Storybrooke? (That would certainly be a bombshell.) We shall see.

Last season certainly didn’t have as many Belle-centric stories as the previous two when Rumple and crew left her in Storybrooke during their adventure to Neverland, but perhaps introducing Belle’s mother will bring her into more stories.  Of course, there is still the whole Rumple-lying-to-Belle-about-the-dagger debacle that will most certainly blow up at some point this season.  But one scenario at a time.

Now the question is who will play Belle’s mother? EW said they would like Lucy Lawless to play her mother, which certainly would be a good casting choice.  I like the idea of Rachel Griffiths from Brothers and Sisters.  

Anyone else?


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