Magic is Coming!–OUAT “Land Without Magic” Recap


We have arrived at the end of season one (episode 22), and if I do say so myself, probably the best episode of the season.  It ended on such a great note and made waiting for season 2 that much more painful.

So without further ado…the recap of “A Land Without Magic.”

After a recap of the previous episode, we see Charming locked up in a cell in Regina’s castle wanting to save Snow after she is put to sleep by the poisoned apple.

Regina’s knights then come to retrieve Charming from the cell for his execution.  On their way, Charming takes down both knights and a mysterious knight saves him from another.  The mysterious knight turns out to be…Graham (Yay!).

Graham gives Charming some armor and weapons and leads him out of castle to safety, but is unable to join him because of his sacrifice for Snow.  After Charming is on his way, the title card appears.

Suddenly, we are in the present at the hospital as Henry is being rolled in with an angry, upset Emma at his side.  Emma tries to explain to Dr. Whale that he passed out after he ate the turnover, but he keeps repeating that it is impossible.  Emma goes through Henry’s bag, where his storybook is, Emma says it’s “almost like magic.” With an ounce of belief and a touch of Henry’s book, Emma starts to see a flashback, which leads to her believing in the curse and all of Henry’s stories.

After Emma fully remembers, Regina comes in, and Emma, now aware of everything she’s done, throws her into the supply closet and starts fighting with her.  Regina confirms that the curse is real and the only magic she had was in the turnover meant for Emma.  Since they don’t know what the magic will do to Henry in our world, Regina says they have to go to Mr. Gold, aka Rumpelstiltskin, for help.

The episode returns with Graham arriving in Regina’s room telling her that Charming got away and as she looks through a mirror, seeing Charming, she sends him to the Infinite Forest, making it impossible for him to get to Snow.  As he continues to run, Rumple appears telling Charming that he’ll never get to Snow.  Rumple takes Charming’s mother’s ring and enchants it saying it’ll brighten the closer he gets to Snow.  Of course, help from Rumple comes at a price and since Charming doesn’t want to abide, an epic sword fight happens between the two.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret arrives at her car and David surprises her to apologize for not believing her.  David continues saying that even though he was confused when he got out of the coma, the only thing that made sense was that he loved her (all together now…Awww).  David tells her that he is going to move to Boston, unless Mary Margaret can give a reason, which she can’t.  She leaves David with the saddest face, and his signature single tear on cheek.

In the Infinite Forest, Rumple gives his deal to Charming that he will must put the true love potion somewhere safe, to “save it for a rainy day.” Why does Rumple care so much about Snow and Charming? Because he did feel love for Belle, but he thinks she is dead, so it can no longer be (sad face).

Regina and Emma show up at Mr. Gold’s shop.  Based off of Emma’s demeanor, Gold knows immediately that she now believes.  As they try to figure out how to save Henry, Rumple tells her that he does have some magic (the true love potion) stowed away and since Emma’s the Savior, only she can get the potion.  We also learn why Emma is the Savior.  This is because on the curse, Rumple dropped a bit of Snow and Charming’s love potion sealing Emma’s fate as the Savior.  To get the potion, Emma must retrieve it from a “friend” of Regina’s using her father’s sword.

Before they go get the potion, Emma returns to the hospital and tells an unconscious Henry that she believes and apologizes for not believing sooner.  She leaves his storybook under his pillow when Regina comes in to have her talk with Henry.  As Regina talks, Jefferson asks Regina to have his deal fulfilled change his life with his daughter.  Since Emma did not eat the turnover, Regina is not fulfilling her end, making Jefferson promise he will repay her.

Emma goes to August’s room and discovers that he is almost completely wood, letting August know that she believes.  He gives her a great pep talk telling her that she can break the curse even if she doesn’t think she can.  This moment makes me miss Emma and August’s friendship even more.  When August turns completely to wood, Emma cries, but suddenly gets some strength to go save Henry.

Regina and Emma meet at the library, where Regina’s “friend” is kept underground.  Emma must go down alone while Regina controls the elevator. Regina warns that the “friend” is not in human form.

In Fairytale Land, Charming meets the human form, Maleficent, of Regina’s “friend,” and before she turns into a dragon, Charming makes a reference that almost came out of Jaws.  Emma goes down the elevator and before she meets the beast, she sees Snow’s famous glass coffin and soon after discovers the dragon beast.

There is an interchange between Charming and Emma dealing with the dragon.  Emma begins thinking that a gun will work and starts shooting at the dragon.  Charming tries getting closer to the dragon and when he finally does, is able to stick the potion in the dragon, jump out the window, and land in the water outside the castle.

Mary Margaret is shown in the hospital with Henry reading the story of Snow and Charming to him.  She explains that she wanted Henry to have a happy ending, which is why she gave him the book.  As this happens, his machines start going crazy and Dr. Whale says that his heart is failing.  Amid the chaos, Jefferson sneaks downstairs to the psych ward and releases Belle from her cell.  He tells her to go find Mr. Gold and that Regina had locked her away and Mr. Gold will protect her.

In the past, Charming arrives on shore and gets the enchanted ring from Rumple, who changes his outfit to the ‘prince’ outfit for his “big moment.”  Rumple leaves him telling Charming that he is fan of love of true love and especially what it creates (aka Emma Swan).

Back with the dragon, Emma continues to fight the dragon, unsuccessfully, with her gun.  In a final moment of bad-assery, Emma takes her father’s sword and defeats the dragon leaving the egg with the potion inside.

The next act begins with the first shot from the pilot, Charming galloping towards Snow, this time, with the ring guiding him.  Charming arrives and gives Snow “True Love’s Kiss.”  They then walk along the beach and he explains how he found her with the ring, finally proposes to Snow, and decide they will defeat King George and Regina together.

In Storybrooke, David gets his truck packed and begins to drive off towards Boston, as Emma is coming up the elevator with the potion, which breaks down.  Gold shows telling her Regina left and to toss up the egg.  When she arrives at ground level of the library, Gold is gone with the potion and Regina is tied up.  Once untied, they go to get Gold until the hospital calls, to tell them Henry is crashing.  But, when they arrive at the hospital, Dr. Whale tells them it is too late.

In Mr. Gold’s shop, he takes out the true love potion and Belle arrives to a shocked Gold and repeats Jefferson’s message.  In the hospital, Emma, devastated, goes to Henry tells him she loves him and kisses his forehead.  With that, a gust of wind occurs and Henry is awake (I seriously have a lot of chills towards the end of this episode).  Once awake, Henry realizes that not only was the sleeping curse broken, but the curse was broken restoring everyone’s memories and Regina must leave before a mob hits, but makes sure to Henry that she loves him.

Finally, in the middle of Storybrooke, Snow and Charming have their long awaited reunion after 28 years and a couple months of the fake memories…and the scene was totally worth it.  Regina goes back to her house and mourns losing Henry to Emma and the curse breaking in his room.

Belle and Gold are then seen in forest and Belle remembers everything, her real life, and loving Rumple.  Rumple dumps the true love potion into the well and some fluffy stuff (aka Magic) flows out of the well.  And why does Gold bring Magic to Storybrooke, because “Magic is power!”

In the hospital, Emma and Henry wonder why the characters haven’t gone back to their original land, but then they see Magic pummeling towards them.  As the Magic surrounds the town, the clock ticks at 8:15, the same time clock moved for the first time in the pilot.

That is the end of the season.  Hope you enjoyed this recap and I will return for more recaps in my rewatch of seasons 2 and 3.


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