Titles, Titles, Everywhere


The beauty of social media is that the 3 or so months in between the end and beginning of a TV show’s season can go by a lot quicker when the showrunners tease the next season.

Luckily, OUAT has this type of showrunner.  Just like in seasons past, Adam Horowitz has revealed, via his Twitter, the titles of the new seasons episodes and since the cast has been filming for almost 2 months, we have a hefty amount of titles for season 4 before the premiere has even aired.

The episode titles are as follows:

4×01: “A Tale of Two Sisters”–airing September 28th

4×02: “White Out”

4×03: “Rocky Road”

4×04: “The Apprentice”

4×05: “Breaking Glass”

Now, seeing as these titles are pretty cryptic, its impossible to know what (and who) each story could be about, except for the premiere, which is, of course, the two sisters of Frozen, Anna and ElsaThe other episodes are much more cryptic.

What’s exciting is trying to determine who could be the lead in each episode.  Will 4×04 be about Emma or Regina? Or is Charming a lead in 4×03? Who knows? But, it’s time to start theorizing before the start of the season, and when it happens, will your theory be right?



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