Once Upon A Time in New York City–OUAT “Manhattan” Recap


Another day, another episode recap.  Today I am recapping one of my favorite episodes (season 2 episode 14) and, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of the series.

So, here we go… “Manhattan.”

Previously on OUAT, Greg Mendel was very curious about Storybrooke after his crash and a further flashback shows Rumpelstiltskin letting go of his son, Baelfire’s, hand over a portal back in 1×19.  The recap ends with Rumple cashing in on the favor Emma owes him, from way back in 1×04

Ok…the beginning.  The episode opens with Rumple walking into his little shack of home, very happy, to his wife, Milah.  Rumple reveals that he was called up to the Ogre Wars and he is hoping that he can help redeem his father’s name, who abandoned him and was deemed a coward.  Milah is proud of him for going to the war, and talk about starting a family.

Next, we arrive in NYC (aka Vancouver).  Rumple, Emma, and Henry exit a cab arriving in front of Baelfire’s apartment, part of the deal with Emma.  Since Rumple looks fairly nervous, Emma realizes that Bae has no idea they are coming.

Now, title card.

In Storybrooke, Regina is upset because Henry left without Emma consulting her and Cora is “comforting” her (I’m not sure how sincere she is).  Hook pops in, still injured from when Mendel ran him over, and is not happy that Rumple left town.  Cora decides with Gold (used interchangeably in Storybrooke) out of town, they can now look for his dagger to control and kill him.

Back in NYC, Henry looks at the names of the tenants trying to find Baelfire.  Obviously, it is not there.  Emma calls up to a ‘no name’ apartment and the guy (Baelfire) answers.  Once he hangs up, he starts to run away and to fulfill her deal to Rumple, Emma chases after him to get him to talk to Rumple.  After chasing him through a bit of Manhattan, Emma eventually knocks him down and to her surprise…Baelfire is NEAL.

Opening back on the reunion of Neal and Emma, Neal seems pretty happy to see her and Emma not so much.  Emma, obviously confused by the new connection to Neal, believes Neal and Gold planned for Neal to meet Emma.  Neal doesn’t like that Rumple is in the city, with Emma, and wants to get away to talk at a bar.

Near Neal’s apartment, Rumple and Henry are bonding with each other waiting for Emma and his son.  Rumple thanks Henry for bringing Emma to Storybrooke because it ultimately led to Rumple finding his son.

At the bar, one of my favorite scenes, Neal begins to explain himself for his childhood and why he left Emma.  Neal said he had met August and the mysterious box from “Tallahassee” revealed that it was a typewriter letting August know Neal was Baelfire (that was a bit of a disappointment).  Emma, knowing who August is, was not happy that Neal trusted August.  Neal thought that them meeting was fate and hoping something good (Henry) came from them being together, Emma didn’t reveal that she had Henry.  Neal happily notices that Emma still has the swan keychain, as a necklace, but Emma rips it off and gives it back to Neal, saying it reminds her why she doesn’t trust anyone.  Neal asks Emma not to tell Rumple she found him, so it gives Emma an excuse not to see him.

Rumple is at war (yes, this story didn’t disappear) and is asked to watch a covered cage with a prisoner inside.  The prisoner calls Rumple, by name, and discovers that it is a little girl, who is a seer.  She proves it by giving Rumple’s early story.  Ironic enough, Rumple says he “won’t indulge in dark magic.”   She begins to tell Rumple’s future, Milah is pregnant with a son and his actions in battle will leave his son fatherless.  Rumple refuses to believe the future and walks away.

Emma, in NY, talks with Mary Margaret in Storybrooke telling her about the Henry’s father being Rumple’s son.  Emma doesn’t want to tell Henry, but MM discourages it because Emma knows what it’s like to not know truth about parents.

Rumple and Henry, back in the apartment lobby, are waiting with Rumple more anxious.  Henry is confused because he knows that Gold sees the future, but Gold says that the future is a puzzle trying to the piece together.  With that Emma returns saying Baelfire got away from her.

Storybrooke, again.  An amnesiac Belle is sitting in the hospital when Regina visits her.  She puts Belle to sleep and magically goes through her purse, only 10 feet away, and finds a card with a library number on it.  Regina, Hook, and Cora then go search the library for the dagger using the number Regina found.  In its spot they find a map and realize the map will reveal where the dagger is.  Also in Storybrooke, MM is explaining the very complicated family tree to David, who is piecing it together (“But I’m his grandfather”).

In NYC, Rumple tries to force himself up to Bae’s apartment.  Once up, Gold breaks in while Emma, nervously, tries to stop him.  Henry also decides to help Rumple break in, making Emma even more nervous.

Back at war, Rumple sees the injured soldiers returning from war and realizes that he doesn’t want to fight if he thinks he won’t make it home.  After he realizes that everything the seer said is coming true, he uses a mallet-type tool to hurt his leg preventing him from walking normally (the sound is still painful just thinking about it).

Gold enters Neal/Baelfire’s apartment.  Emma pushes him to leave as Gold and Henry try to look for clues.  Emma spots her dream catcher she had with Neal and starts to get sentimental seeing it.  Gold gets curious why she cares so much about the dream catcher.  He starts threatening her asking what she knows about his son.  As the yelling continues, Neal storms in to stop Gold.

Rumple arrives home after war to Milah and a baby boy Baelfire (yes, that much time has passed).  Rumple is very happy to meet his baby, but Milah is not because she knows he injured himself.  She doesn’t want their son to be ashamed of him because he left war rather than fight and die.  Milah hands off the baby and walks out of the house.  Rumple has a sweet moment with the baby, promising he would never leave him (which ended up being not true, sad face).

In NYC, to Rumple’s pleasure, Neal confirms he is Bae, my favorite scene.  Neal had returned because he didn’t want Rumple to hurt Emma.  He tries to kick Rumple out, but Rumple wants to understand how Emma and Neal know each other. isthismyson
Before the two can explain themselves, Henry walks in from the other room wondering what is going on.  Neal eventually figures out that Henry is his son and Henry determines that Emma lied to him about who his father was.  Henry walks out and Emma goes after him.  Rumple forces Neal to talk to him so Emma lives up to the deal.

The hospital returns with Greg Mendel on the phone with “Her,” decides to stay and sends a video of Regina using magic in Belle’s room.  Back in the library, Hook figures out the map, but instead of going to help Cora and Regina, Cora knocks him out to leave him in the library and get the dagger herself.  As an excuse, Cora says they will use the dagger to have Rumple kill Snow, Charming and Emma so Regina can solely have Henry without repercussions.

Henry talks with Emma on the fire escape and asks why she lied.  She says it was because Neal broke her heart and didn’t want to remember that part of her life.  Henry compares Emma to Regina because of the lying, a totally unfair comparison, in my opinion, but Henry says he wants to meet his dad.

Neal lets Rumple talk to explain everything and have him come back to Storybrooke with magic.  It doesn’t fly with Neal because he doesn’t want magic to be used to make up for the mistakes Neal had with Rumple since it started with magic.  Neal says that for years he has had nightmares of the last moment he had with his father, falling into the portal.  Neal walks away from Rumple.

Neal gets upset that Emma didn’t tell him about Henry.  She lets Neal meet Henry as long as he doesn’t hurt him, which Neal responds that everyone is, just don’t let it happen to Henry.  Neal meets Henry and forgives Neal for not being in his life, and Neal is clearly happy to know Henry.

Years later in Enchanted Forest, a Dark One Rumple meets the Seer in the forest and he reveals that everything she said was true.  Rumple now wants to find Bae, but the Seer gives more non-descriptive explanation for how it will happen (Many years, a curse, etc.).  The Seer offers her powers to him, but Rumple realizes the burden and it was a trap for the Seer to get rid of the powers.  Before she loses her powers, she reveals that Rumple will reunite with Bae and a young boy will help and also be his undoing.  Rumple says he’ll just have to kill the boy.

The episode ends with Rumple realizing that the boy will be Henry, which means he must kill his grandson.

The end of the recap has come.  Hope you stuck around for it.

28 Days.


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