Frozen is Coming!


With only 25 days left until the season premiere…ABC finally released promos for the new season.

Check it out below

The promo features those Storybrooke residents we know (Emma, Rumple, Snow), along with the new Frozen gang (Anna, beautybeastElsa, and Kristoff).  Based off what I saw watching it a few times, there were only a few new scenes, most including Elsa or Emma, but Rumbelle (Rumple and Belle) fans should rejoice because it looks like we’re getting an authentic Beauty and the Beast reenactment, courtesy of the signature costumes we remember.

Although new clips of Snow, Regina, etc. were from season 3 (and no appearance of the Truest Believer himself, Henry), the addition of clips with Frozen characters here and there was a perfect amount to get me even more excited for the new season.

annaelsaAnd I will say that Elsa and Anna, Georgina Haig and Elizabeth Lail, look so eeriely similar to their animated counterparts, its a wonder they weren’t the models in the original film.

There was also a first promo that was released before this one last week.

Time to get excited.


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