Off to Neverland–OUAT “Second Star to the Right” Recap


Back to recaps.  Tonight I am going to recap part one of the two part season 2 (season 2 episode 21) finale, “Second Star to the Right.”  This episode has a lot of great stuff that leads into the finale and, even better, the season 3 Neverland arc.

Let’s get started.

After the recap shows Greg, Tamara, and Hook kidnapping and taking Regina’s powers, along with the portal scene of Rumple letting his son go, we begin the episode of a young Baelfire (Dylan Schmid, who is fantastic in these episodes) falling out of the portal.  With his voice a few octaves lower, he realizes he left the Enchanted Forest and has entered “our” world of London, England.

Once the title card appears, Bae is seen in London after six months of scrounging for food on the street.  He enters a house and finds bread that he immediately tears apart.  At that moment a dog, Nana, and a young girl appear threatening him.  The young girl is Miss Wendy Darling.  She sees that Bae is hungry and offers food to him.  They introduce each other, and a friendship begins.

Finally, we see a sleepy Neal Cassidy waking up at Granny’s with his fiancé Tamara heading out for a ‘run.’  Once she leaves, Neal can hear his father outside threatening someone, Whale, who made a ‘pass’ at Lacey (Belle).  Neal intervenes and when it’s just father and son, Neal gets mad at Rumple for not meeting his fiancé, Rumple says Neal still has feelings for Emma, and Neal retorts with wanting nothing to do with his father.

We see, then, the Charming family enter Regina’s office, Charming and Emma armed with guns, looking for their magic beans.  The beans are missing and soon discover that so is Regina.  While Snowing (Snow and Charming), immediately believe Gold is behind it, Emma thinks that Tamara has something to do with it because of what happened with August (he ‘died’ and was returned to a little Pinocchio) and they all leave to check out their leads.

Tamara appears in the cannery, where Regina is being kept.  Tamara shows Greg the beans that she actually stole and talk about a ‘Home Office,’ (to this day, I’m still confused by what that is) where all the answers lie.  In another room, Hook watches over Regina, who wants to know why he is trusting them.  Greg begins his science-type torture, which apparently is shock therapy, on Regina to figure out where his father went (see “Welcome to Storybrooke”) and also weaken her magic.  Hook leaves wanting only revenge on Rumple, not on Regina.  And the torture begins.

Back in London, Wendy brings food to a hidden Bae when the Darlings discover that their young daughter has been keeping a young boy hidden in their house (I’d be concerned, too).  Bae gives his orphan story, without the magic details, and Mrs. Darling allows him to stay with them, giving Bae the biggest smile (aww).

Emma shows up at Neal’s room to find clues about Tamara.  Neal still doesn’t believe she’s evil, and Emma finds a clue that proves a little lie that Tamara told Neal.  To try and prove this, which she eventually does, the two go to the beach to find Tamara.

London shows Bae on one of his first nights where Wendy and her brothers tell him about a magical shadow that appears to the window.  Wendy thinks the Shadow is good, but Bae warns that it isn’t because his experience with magic was certainly not good.

Snowing arrive at Gold’s shop wanting help after they realize he is not responsible for Regina’s disappearance.  Even though Gold doesn’t want to help, David uses the favor Gold owes him to give them a potion-type bottle with Regina and Snow’s tears that will help them find Regina.  When they leave, Lacey figures out about magic and Rumple explains it to her.

At their apartment, David uses the combined tears to drop into Snow’s eye.  After a few seconds, Snow begins to feel everything that Regina can, which means the shocking and restraints.  Not fun, I assume.

We return to London where the shadow finally appears and even after all the warnings that Bae gave, Wendy flies off with the Shadow.  Bad move, Wendy.

In the next scene (another favorite of mine), Emma and Neal are looking for Tamara on the beach.  Neal makes jokes about Emma’s (right) assumptions, which leads to Emma confronting Neal about her feelings (i.e. finding Tallahassee with someone else L).  Bad timing, of course, leads to Tamara showing up and pretending she cares that Regina is missing.  Once she continues her ‘run,’ Neal confronts Emma about leaving, his guilt, and, then, not finding Emma.  They both apologize to one another and continue their search for Regina.

Tamara reappears at cannery and tells Greg that Neal and Emma bought the running lie.  Greg, then continues his torture on Regina, while simultaneously explaining their diabolical plan to rid “our” world of magic with a group of other magic haters.  The more they talk about their plan and ‘people,’ the more psychotic Greg and Tamara seem.

Back at the Charming apartment, Snow wakes up from the shock therapy and starts to explain what she felt, restrains, shocking, and what she smelled, sardines (yes, sardines).  David calls Emma and tells her, and in that moment she realizes where Regina is being kept, the cannery, and has David and MM meet her and Neal there.

Wendy returns from Neverland and begins to explain to Bae what it was like.  Not a happy place, by the way (there goes our childhood memories).  She says that once the boys touch the island they are not allowed to leave and, at night, cry for their parents.  Wendy also says that she was allowed to return because the Shadow was going to return to take one of her brothers, which Bae was not going to let happen.

At Gold’s shop, Lacey is now understanding magic and who Rumple is, the Dark One.  She wants Rumple to give her immortality so they can live together forever, however, Gold tells her of the complication with the prophecy (where Henry will be his undoing), and then Lacey tries to convince him to avoid it (which means killing Henry).

Emma and Neal enter the cannery where Neal assures Emma he will have her back, even if Tamara is behind Regina’s kidnapping (she is).  They come across Snowing in a funny moment and spilt ways to find Regina.  Tamara sees them on the security cameras and tries to make Greg leave, but he won’t until he finds out where his father went.  Regina finally tells Greg that she killed his father after Greg (then Owen) left.  With that little confession, Greg gives Regina the crazy-almost-killed-her shock.

Returning to London, Mrs. Darling wishes all the children good night, but once she leaves all the Darlings, plus Bae, execute their trap for the Shadow, not sure how a lot of it would work for a shadow, but continuing on, Bae promises them all that everything will be fine.  They pretend to go to sleep when the Shadow appears and all of them try to escape to the crawlspace.  Little Michael gets distracted and Bae saves him by having the shadow take him instead.  He says good bye to Wendy and the Shadow takes him on a crazy flight through London where they head towards the “Second Star to the Right” (title pun).

Greg is still shocking Regina when David comes in and shoots the machine, which scares Greg away (who’s more powerful now, Greg?).  Snow and David try to get Regina back home to help her recover, and warns Emma and Neal that Greg is responsible (it shouldn’t have taken them this long to figure out).  For a moment, they both think Tamara is in the clear, when she knocks Emma out and holds her gun on Neal.  He confronts her about all the lying and realizes nothing was real for them.  As Neal tries to stop her, she shoots him in the side (I did not react to this well this first time I saw this).  Emma wakes up and an epic fight occurs.  Emma eventually wins, however, Tamara decides to use one of the pesky magic beans to create a portal so she can get away.

Emma almost falls through, but Neal saves her and just as they get away, Neal begins to fall in.  Emma tries to hold on, but Neal knows it won’t be easy and doesn’t want Henry to lose both parents.  With high emotions, Emma confesses her love to Neal, who reciprocates, and Neal lets go and falls through.  Emma falls apart knowing he probably died because of his injury.  And sadness, by me, begins.

Greg appears in the woods, unburying his father’s clothes and bones, while at Snowing’s apartment the Blue Fairy is trying to mend Regina’s injuries.  Emma returns, visibly upset, and tells Snow and Charming and Tamara ‘killed’ Neal.

Back to Neverland, Bae is being pulled by the Shadow and is able to get away by falling into the body of water beneath him.  He is pulled to safety on a ship and its inhabitants, including Captain Killian “Hook” Jones.

In the Charming’s apartment, David is comforting Emma, who is broken up about Neal, who then realizes that she has to tell Henry his, newly found, father is ‘dead.’  In the next room, Regina is shocked that Snow helped her, but realizes that now the trigger is gone.  Regina explains that the diamond trigger will destroy Storybrooke and everyone in it, and in the forest, Greg and Tamara realize that they now control the object that will complete their mission, destroying magic.

Phew, the recap is finished.  Hope you enjoyed what you read and come back for more when I write some for season 3.

24 Days.


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