Who Knows Their Comic Con?: OUAT Cast Interview


There is nothing more entertaining then when a cast has fun with each other…and Once Upon A Time is no exception.

At Comic Con in 2013, the cast did a lot of press together promoting their show and visit to San Diego for Comic Con and every interview was very entertaining.

One of the interviews they did was with Josh Horowitz, from MTV and also happens to be co-creator, Adam Horowitz’ brother.  He asked questions about the show, but then did a pop culture quiz about all things nerd, i mean, they were at Comic Con after all. 

While some of the cast were Comic Con pros, Colin O’Donoghue (who was way too modest about how much he actually knew), Ginny Goodwin (who was all for showing her inner nerd), and Josh Dallas, there were others, Michael Raymond-James, who did not know his nerd-culture.

Check out the full interview with groups of the cast and see everything from Josh Dallas and Ginny Goodwin sneaking into a Walking Dead photo to Jennifer Morrison, Michael Raymond-James, and Colin O’Donoghue imitating Chewbacca. 

Its well worth the watch all the laughs


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