Happy Endings are Different–OUAT “Going Home” Recap


The half-way point of season 3 and that means we are only half a season away until the new season premiere.

So time for another recap for “Going Home,” and based off my Favorites page, it is also one of my favorite episodes of the series. Woo-hoo!

Last we saw the Nevengers (there’s that term, again), Emma and Neal were reunited, Hook revealed his feelings for Emma, and Henry was stuck in Neverland with Peter Pan. Now, some five episodes later, everyone is back in Storybrooke and Pan switched bodies with Henry. It’s a lot of info, I know.

But let’s recap this episode.

Pan (in Henry’s body) arrives at the well, where things lost are returned, with Felix and begins to cast the curse on Storybrooke. The curse is the original one that started the entire show.

At Regina’s vault, Rumple explains this little dilemma to Snowing, Hook, Belle, Tink, Regina, Neal, Emma and Henry (in Pan’s body), that even if the curse is cast, Regina is the only one who can stop it. Bad Regina for just letting the curse hang around in the vault.

They develop a plan where Rumple will switch back Pan and Henry, so when Henry is returned he can bring the scroll (curse) to Regina to stop the it. Tink, Hook, Neal, and Charming (or Captain Charmfire, corny? Yes.) must go retrieve a special wand from the passed on Blue Fairy for the plan to be complete.

Pan tells Felix that he must sacrifice the heart of the thing he loves (in this case trusts) most (throwback to 1×02) for the curse…Felix. He rips out his heart and uses the ashes as the final ingredient to the curse.

After the title card, the flashbacks begin. First, we return to Snowing, before the original curse, Snow pregnant with Emma, and the Blue Fairy explains that they must have ‘hope’ of their daughter’s fate as the Savior. While Snow was skeptical, Mr. Optimistic, Charming, tells her that even if their original happy ending are changed, they just have to find another one (this is important later).

Back to present, Snow is looking at Emma’s unicorn mobile in Gold’s shop as they prepare Henry for Gold’s plan. Both Snow and Emma talk about their regrets of giving their children up and Emma wonders what her life would be like if she kept Henry.

The Men and Tink arrive at the church with the Blue Fairy in her coffin looking for the Black Fairy’s wand. We get a little sassy Tinkerbell (totally true to her Disney persona) and Pan’s shadow comes and tries to get the wand instead.

In another flashback, we see Neverland long ago and Hook and Smee looking around the island. Tink comes upon them and threatens Hook. Once they realize they both want to get off the island, Hook shares some rum, and again reveals the two things he’d risk his life for: love and revenge.

Back in the church, they try to stop the shadow and Hook tries first and just as fast as he gets up, he gets knocked down. Neal says they need Tink to use the pixie dust to capture the shadow. She succeeds and destroys the shadow once and for all, leading to the most attractive three smiles ever (yes, the Captain Charmfire smiles). And why did Hook risk his life? For Emma, of course, and Tink calls Hook out for it.

The Blue Fairy is reincarnated now that the shadow has been destroyed (creepy how she does that). She rewards Tink with her wings now that she believes in herself. The men leave Tink behind to head to Gold’s shop.

Gold uses the magic cuff from season 2, and Regina does not forget the crap that Hook and the Minions put her through, to place on Pan’s body for when they switch bodies. Gold switches the bodies and the rest leave the shop to find the real Henry, while Gold stays behind to greet dear ol’ dad.

Next flashback, my favorite, Henry is at school soon before he meets Emma, and is lonely and depressed. Mary Margaret tries to make him feel better, but Henry realizes how different he is from everyone else in town, and feels abandoned by both Regina and his birth mother (tear). To make him feel better, Mary Margaret shows Henry the storybook she mysteriously found in her closet, like magic. Henry is given the book, so he can have hope through the fairytales. During his search, Henry starts to believe in the book and when Mary Margaret leaves, Henry begins to see her as Snow White, and has a meaning to the name “Emma.”

In the present, Granny helps the crew find Henry and he appears from the clock tower. After they are reunited, Henry gives the scroll to Regina, who then passes out.

The real Pan wakes up in Gold’s shop and tells Rumple how meaningless Rumple was in his life. Pan blames him for everything wrong, and is able to take off the magic cuff, and places it on Rumple, promising that he will destroy Rumple’s family, i.e. Belle and Neal.

Rumple’s flashback. He lights a candle, in honor of Baelfire’s birthday, when Belle arrives and finds out about Bae. While she thinks he is dead, Rumple informs her that he is just “lost.”

Returning to the shop, Gold is still trying to get the cuff off. In the streets, Emma and Henry are trying to wake up Regina. When she does wake up, it’s obvious something is off, but is unable to reveal because Pan appears, takes the scroll, and freezes them all. Pan, about to kill Neal, is stopped when Rumple comes out and tells his father that he is ready for death, to save his family. As they are frozen, Rumple says his goodbyes to Neal and Belle, he makes the ultimate sacrifice using his dagger that his shadow returned to him.

Rumple stabs Pan, who returns to his older version. He begs Rumple to start over, but Rumple retorts with “Villians don’t get happy endings.” And with that Rumple and Pan die and everyone else is unfrozen, realizing what just happened.

Belle is inconsolable as Emma comforts Neal over Rumple’s death. Regina explains what has to be done as the curse is coming towards them. To stop the curse, she must give up the thing she loves most, Henry, while Storybrooke will disappear from existence and those from the Enchanted Forest will return home. However, Emma is allowed to stay with Henry because she is the Savior, but she doesn’t want to go. Snow wants her to leave, and as Charming repeats “Happy endings aren’t always what we think they will be.” Regina even gives Emma the seal of approval to leave with their son.

Another (repeat) flashback. Emma gives birth to Henry and tells the doctor she can’t be a mother. At the town line, Emma and Henry are saying goodbye to our favorite Storybrooke residents (Archie, Granny, Dwarves). More importantly Emma and Henry must say goodbye to their parents. Henry blames himself for everything because of Emma coming to town because he thought Regina didn’t love him (Quote: You’re not a villain, you’re my mom. *sniff, sniff*). Emma says her goodbye to Neal, who promises they will see each other again (if only that were truly true *sniff, sniff*). Hook bids Emma adieu and says he will never forget her (“Good,” says Emma).

Regina tells Emma that their Storybrooke memories will disappear, but she will give them new, happy memories as if Emma kept Henry. Everyone gives their last goodbyes. And the saddest moment comes as Emma leaves and is truly upset about it. Snow’s gives the final goodbye to her daughter to help her leave.

Emma and Henry begin to cross the town line as Regina stops the curse and brings all the residents back to the Enchanted Forest. As they drive away, Storybrooke is slowly disappearing, including the all-knowing storybook. Back to the flashback, a new memory is created that shows Emma holding and deciding to keep Henry. As they drive away in the yellow bug, it’s obvious that the new memories have taken over.

So is that the end? No. We now flash forward to a year later in New York City. Emma wakes up to “Charley’s Song,” the song Neal was introduced to in 2×01. Emma and Henry are in their apartment, happy. Emma making breakfast, Henry watering plants. With some hot chocolate and cinnamon, a knock at the door gets Emma to open. And who is there? Captain Hook trying to tell her that her family is in trouble. Of course, Emma doesn’t have the memories, but Hook tries True Love’s Kiss to see if she regains them. She doesn’t. Emma walks back inside and she tries to go about her new life. For now.

Phew. End of the episode.

Again, hope you stuck with it and let me know what you’re favorite part of the episode was.

Until next time.


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