Goodbye, My Friend–OUAT “Quiet Minds” Recap


We are getting closer to premiere of Once Upon A Time and closer to the end of season 3. Tonight I am doing a recap from part 2 of the season, “Quiet Minds,” the episode where we say goodbye to an important character (at least to me).

So let’s begin,

Previously on OUAT, Zelena is wreaking havoc in the past and present of the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, but no one knows she’s the Wicked Witch yet. Also, Neal has been missing since the new curse began. Oh, and Rumple is alive.

At the start of the episode, Emma arrives at a secret meeting at Granny’s with Snow, Charming, Regina, and Hook. They discuss how Rumple is still alive and how it could’ve happened. Hook explains that in the EF Neal wanted to get back to Emma and Henry and thought that resurrecting Rumple was the way to do it. Regina, on the other hand, decides to search the farm house where the Wicked Witch lives to find clues.

Elsewhere, in the hills of Storybrooke, Zelena tries to summon an escaped Rumple using his dagger and uses a Flying Monkey to go find him. We then see Rumple running through the forest away from Zelena.

In Gold’s shop, Emma tells Belle that Rumple is alive and she, of course, is shocked. Knowing Rumple will return to Belle, Charming tells her to let them know and Hook will watch over her for safety if something bad happens. Belle does not want to trust Hook because, well, he did try to kill her numerous times, but he assures her he won’t hurt her. Charming has Snow stay behind while he and Emma look for Rumple since she is 9 months pregnant.

In the year of forgotten memories, Belle and Neal explore Rumple’s castle and are searching for something to get him back. Neal talks about wanting to get back to Emma and Henry, when he finds the swan necklace that Emma returned to him and he calls it a symbol of his and Emma’s life together. But, why did it survive the return back? Belle says it is because it was born of True Love (oh, the Emma and Neal feels). They continue checking the library for something, when a certain candle appears by the name of Lumiere.

Gold’s shop again. Hook and Belle are continuing to look for information as to how Rumple survived when they hear a noise, trying to get into the shop and the person that makes his way in is…Neal.

For Henry’s appearance of the episode, Emma brings him breakfast at the Inn and is getting increasingly curious (and annoyed) about what they are doing in Storybrooke (Remember: Henry has no memories of his old life). She asks him to go fishing with Leroy why she deals with the Rumple situation. Emma gets a call and rushes to the hospital.

At the hospital, Neal is completely confused because to him, Emma just left and his father just died, he only woke up in the woods. Emma notices a symbol on his hand, but Neal doesn’t know where it came from, so Emma asks Belle to do her handy-dandy research on what it could be.

Neal asks to be alone with Emma and they have a happy little moment before Neal asks to see Henry, but he can’t because he doesn’t know who he is. Not only that, the only thing Henry does know is that his father abandoned Emma in jail. Neal wants Henry’s memory back, but Emma tells him that since Henry was so happy, she doesn’t want him to remember…including his dad (sad face).

Belle and Neal begin talking to Lumiere who tells him that Rumple captured him and he doesn’t want to help resurrect Rumple unless he can be returned to a human. They find a book that holds a key to the Dark One’s vault, which Lumiere will guide them to. After Neal and Belle leave, Lumiere is relit by Zelena who is trying to resurrect Rumple for her.

Zelena, who is Snow’s midwife, goes to her apartment to help with her concerns about the baby because there hasn’t been movement. Zelena says she has a solution and somehow after having some orange juice Snow’s baby kicks again. And you just know that she is up to something with Snow’s baby.

Regina goes to the farmhouse looking for evidence and Robin Hood sneaks up on her and almost kills her with his arrows. They both decide to look together for clues about the Wicked Witch, but Regina has an inkling that they’ve met before, in the year past or before.

At the hospital, Neal analyzes his hand mark as Hook is ‘babysitting’ him. Neal thanks Hook for bringing Emma back and wonders how it feels to be a hero. Hook thinks Neal is a villain because he helped bring Rumple back probably using dark magic. Neal decides he wants to go help find Rumple, but Hook doesn’t allow it. But suddenly, Hook hugs Neal because he sees the young Baelfire he spent his time with and after their little (final) moment Hook lets him leave. This is the moment I knew Neal was going to die, and I was not a happy person.

Neal and Belle search the woods talking about Rumple’s sacrifice for them. Neal wants to get back to Henry so they don’t have the same relationship he had with his father. Then they arrive at the vault’s location.

In Storybrooke, Emma and Charming are searching the woods for Rumple. They talk about finding Neal and what that means for Henry. Emma then confides in David that she wants to go back to NYC after they break the curse so Emma and Henry can go back to happy life (Emma’s most selfish moment of entire series. I was not a fan whenever she talked about this). They find Gold, but when they ask who the Wicked Witch is he is unable to tell them because he has all of these voices in his head. The Flying Monkey then attacks and Rumple gets away as Charming attacks the monkey.

Robin and Regina search the house and are unable to find any clues. While they talk, Robin is confused about Regina’s “evil” queen name and they have a number of moments together before Robin finds some whiskey for them to share. As Robin hands the drink to Regina, she sees his lion tattoo, the one Tinkerbell told her belongs to her soul mate. Regina gets nervous and leaves.

Back in the forest, Neal finds Emma and after some persuading, Neal convinces Emma to help her search for Rumple. At the vault, Lumiere explains how the key works and as Neal finds the entrance, Belle realizes that Lumiere is lying and he admits that Zelena is the one who changed him and also wants Rumple alive. Neal still wants to bring Rumple back, even after the lie, but Belle knows that Rumple wouldn’t want him to help if that meant hurting himself. Neal uses the key and when it works it burns his hand and Rumpelstiltskin begins to appear out of some black goo.

Neal and Emma walk through the woods when Emma starts talking about her life in NYC. She says how happy Henry was and even about Walsh, her boyfriend. Of course, she also mentions that he was a flying monkey. But, Neal finally tells her that he wants her to be happy, whether or not it is with him in their own “Tallahassee.” In that moment, Emma gets a call from Belle telling her what the symbol means and that Neal should be dead. Neal then suddenly drops to the ground in pain and his face morphs and we see Rumple’s face and Emma is creeped out (just like the rest of us).

Back to the past, Neal begins to die in Rumple’s arms and Zelena appears saying she tricked Neal. To preserve his body, Rumple absorbs Neal until he can save him, but then she steals the dagger to control him. Zelena tries to get Rumple to kill Belle, and then Lumiere traps Zelena so Belle and him can get away.

In his pain, Neal asks Emma to separate him and Rumple using magic because Rumple is needed more than Neal. Once separated, Neal begins to slowly die as Rumple gives the Wicked Witch’s name, Zelena. Unfortunately, Rumple can’t save Neal anymore and Emma realizes what’s going to happen and when Rumple wants to save Neal, he doesn’t let him because he wants to make the sacrifice for his family that Rumple did for him. Neal gives back Emma her swan necklace and tells her to “find Tallahassee, even if it’s without him.” He promises to look over them and wants Henry to know that his father was a good man. As he says his final, tearful, goodbyes to Rumple and Emma he dies in Emma’s arms. And the tears (on my end) continue.

Emma and Charming raid their apartment to try and trap Zelena, but she is gone. Charming has to tell Snow the truth of Zelena. Snow then comforts Emma after she tells her that Neal has died. Rumple is still at Neal’s body when Zelena shows up. Rumple tells her she will be defeated now that everyone know her name, but she uses his dagger to send him back to his cage.

In a montage, Regina watches Robin and Roland together thinking about the fate that Tinkerbell told her of. Snow and Charming go to Gold’s shop where Snow comforts Belle and Charming gives Hook a sympathetic pat on the shoulder over Neal’s death.

Emma then finds Henry, who is in a good mood. Emma tells Henry part of the truth why they are in Storybrooke. She tells him the case had to do with his dad. She tells Henry that he died, but wants him to know that he was a good man, and a good father. More important, Neal was a hero. Henry wishes he met him, but gets confused when Emma says he has. Emma finally promises that she will get person who killed Neal.

The end of what may have been the saddest episode of the series.

After reliving the episode, just remember, only a week left until the beginning of a brand new season.


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