To Break a Curse–OUAT “A Curious Thing” Recap


Getting so much closer to the season 4 premiere of Once Upon A Time, and only one more countdown recap after today.

So let’s get things started with the recap of “A Curious Thing.”

To catch up, Zelena is using Regina’s heart, Charming’s courage, Rumple’s brain, and only needs Snow’s baby so that she can go back in time to kill Snow’s mother, Eva, who is responsible for Cora giving Zelena up. By killing Eva, Cora will keep her so she has the life she always wanted which means Snow, Emma, Henry, and Regina would never have been born.

The episode begins at Regina’s castle with Snow and Charming talking about announcing their pregnancy (she’s only supposed to be a month pregnant in the scene, but obviously she wasn’t). Regina wants the focus to be Zelena and then Belle arrives to tell her story about Neal dying (RIP) and Rumple absorbing the body. Belle also says that Zelena has the dagger and controls Rumple. Aurora and Phillip, who have been in the room the whole time, tell Snow that Zelena wants her particular baby for a curse, but couldn’t say anything because Zelena threatened them and their unborn child. Zelena then appears.

Zelena makes good on her threat and turns Aurora and Phillip into flying monkeys. Regina threatens Zelena who, in turn, freezes (not with ice, just in time) Regina and Snowing, has a creepy moment with Snow’s stomach (very Cruella-esque) before she flies off on her broom.

Then, eight months later, a round table commences with Snowing, Regina, Belle, and Robin Hood trying to figure out how to beat Zelena. Snow, noticing the irony of another curse being cast as she is about to give birth, wants ideas (wonder what they were doing in the 8 months previous to this?). Though Grumpy doesn’t believe her, she says she wants to help, but doesn’t not Robin’s (a lot of witty banter between the two, since they do not like each other in the Enchanted Forest). Rumple is revealed to be the one person who can help and only Robin knows how to break in. So, Regina, Robin, Snowing, and Belle head off to talk to Rumple, captured, in his own castle.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina and Robin actually like each other after they shared their kiss in the previous episode. They have a sweet moment, until Henry accidentally interrupts them at Granny’s. Because Henry still doesn’t remember he refers to her as “Madam Mayor” (that’s gotta hurt) before he walks away. Robin tries to comfort Regina before they share one last kiss so Regina can meet Snowing and Emma to discuss a plan.

Regina arrives, sassy comment in hand, very happy, which Snow notices (Regina was on a roll with the comments in this episode). Though Hook isn’t there, they need to talk about defeating Zelena, which means figuring out who wiped their memories and brought them to Storybrooke. They know that Emma is the key which means Henry must also remember so Emma can break the curse as she did back at the end of season 1. But, what made Henry believe? Snow remembers that it was the storybook that started his adventure to Emma and the curse breaking, so that is what they need to find.

Hook, it turns out, was locked in a trunk by Rumple and brought to Zelena. She threatens that if he doesn’t kiss Emma and take her powers, she will kill her family, starting with Henry.

The EF crew arrives at Rumple’s castle and with more banter between Regina and Robin (the sexual tension is just crazy, but aren’t they just adorable). Once they get in, Rumple is alive and spinning spouting off crazy riddles since he has both his and Neal’s minds in his head. Belle is able to have Rumple tell them how to defeat Zelena, and it is Glinda, Good Witch of the South, who has been banished by Zelena. To find her he makes another riddle for them and Snowing and Regina go to the forest to follow his instructions.

Since the book disappeared when they were brought back to EF, Snow believes that the book will appear where she found it before, in her closet. They all head over to the apartment, leaving Henry at Granny’s. Henry finally confronts Emma about the lying, and is, rightly, pissed about it. Emma isn’t sure what to do so she gets angry at him for not letting her do her job. Henry takes her keys to get into room, but when he heads toward their room, he instead goes to the yellow bug to leave Storybrooke. At the bug, Hook catches him telling him that he can’t just drive off (confident for a 12 year old, since his first lesson was horrendous), instead, to ‘protect’ him, Hook tells Henry that there is another way out of Storybrooke.

Regina, Snowing, and Emma look for the book at the apartment. Snow finds the book in a box, after Emma had just looked there (almost, like magic). Regina wants to look through the book to find Zelena’s weakness. Snow wonders how it didn’t appear for Emma, but knows that it is because Emma doesn’t want Henry to remember and go back to NYC. You can tell Snow is frustrated that her daughter now wants to willingly leave their family (and I don’t blame her. Jeez, Emma!).

Back in the EF, Snowing and Regina are looking to get to Glinda. After a cute moment with Snowing, followed by, yet another sassy Regina comment, they find a door in the forest leading to nowhere. Snow remembers the riddle that Rumple told them, which basically said that those pure of heart could enter the door. While Snow and Charming can enter, Regina can’t because she only wants vengeance. On the other side of the door, Snowing enter a wintery place (well, that’s ironic) where Glinda was banished to. Glinda reveals that she can’t defeat Zelena and the only person who can is someone of “light magic,” aka Emma, who must destroy a pendant around her neck that holds her magic. But, since Emma is not in the EF, she can’t be defeated; however, Snow knows that they way to get back to Emma is through another Dark Curse, like the one Regina cast.

After they meet Glinda, Regina tells them she can’t cast it because she would have to kill Henry (which she can’t/won’t do). And since the Dark Curse is the only way to defeat her, Charming wants Snow to cast the curse using his heart. How noble, yet kind of stupid, Charming.

Emma figures out that Henry is gone and they use Emma’s GPS tracker to find him. At the docks, Hook introduces Henry to Smee, and Henry obviously makes a Peter Pan connection. Smee will “take” a boat with Henry and bring him back to NYC, and away from Zelena. Before they leave, Smee notices flying monkeys heading towards them and Hook gets Henry away. Henry, completely confused, about what is going on keeps running as Hook kills some monkeys, Smee is long gone by now. Finally Emma, Snowing, and Regina arrive all using their particular weapons (Emma-gun. Regina-magic. Charming-sword. Snow-just protecting baby).

Henry is completely freaked out by everything happening (why would someone use a sword instead of a gun?). Emma tells him the only way to understand is to touch the storybook and believe in magic. Once he does, we see another flashback for Henry that gets him to remember everything, magic, his mom, his dad. You can tell immediately that Henry is happy to remember, especially when he reunites with Regina (and, why does Emma think taking him back will go over well?). Before Emma breaks the curse with Henry, Zelena snatches him up and knocks Regina out. Zelena blames Hook for hurting Henry, which of course making Emma very confused. To save Henry, Emma uses her magic to free him from Zelena, who then disappears. Henry then tries to wake Regina up.

The Dark Curse is being cast with the final ingredient being Charming’s crushed heart. Snow and Charming say their goodbyes (both heart-wrenching and chill inducing, but altogether sweet). Regina takes out the heart and with a last goodbye, Snow crushes the heart into the potion. Zelena appears and decides that even though they are going back, she adds a potion that will make them forget what happened in the year.

Regina wakes up, after some frustrating persistence from Henry. Mother and son reunite again and as Regina kisses Henry, a rainbow-ish tint occurs, signaling that the curse has been broken and now everyone remembers what happened in the last year. Snow and Charming tell Emma that they cast the curse, and puts two and two together that one of them should be dead.

Snow mourns over Charming because she knows she’ll never see him again. Instead, Snow asks Regina to split her heart so both can survive, a lot to ask considering that she’s crazy pregnant. Regina succeeds and Charming wakes up as the curse begins to be cast.

Henry begins to tell Regina all about his year in NYC. He then asks Regina about who she was kissing, Robin, and he seems pretty happy about this. Robin shows up and introductions are made (Henry is a true teenager considering the amount of times he says “awesome”). The three walk off happily.

Emma questions Hook about what Zelena had done and after some pushing he tells her. Snowing then tell Emma she shouldn’t trust him because they did not send Hook a note. We then see who did send the note, in the EF, as the curse is being cast. Zelena makes a potion to make sure she remembers everything. She offers some to Rumple, but after she leaves, Neal (!!) separates from Rumple to send the potion and note to Hook to get him to Emma (apparently, Neal can summon birds), and then rejoins Rumple’s body.

Henry goes to Neal’s grave and Emma promises Neal did die a hero. Henry asks why she came back and tells Henry it was because of him. Henry declares that Operation Cobra is back on (why do you think you’re leaving, Emma?), just as Snow goes into labor for the baby to come.

At the end of another recap. Hope you stuck with it and enjoyed this episode as much as I do.

So, only 4 days left until the premiere and it can’t get hear fast enough.


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