Extreme Makeover: Hook Edition


Since Captain Hook has first appeared, something has not changed. That would be his wardrobe. Every episode Hook is always seen in his hefty leather trenchcoat (Colin O’Donoghue says it weighs 50 pounds), along with a whole lot of other leather parts. Even while the rest of the OUAT characters have changed into countless other wardrobe that fit their characters both in the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, Hook has not.

And after 2 seasons of seeing Colin wearing what is likely the same outfit, Hook’s changin’ it up.

Over the summer, it was (finally) revealed that Captain Hook will be joining Our World and wear modern clothes, instead of typical leather trenchcoat and outfit he has toted around since he first appeared in season 2.

Looking at some behind-the-scenes shots from set, Hook’s still got his leather, but it no longer screams “Pirate” as it did before, Colin O’Donoghue described it as “a ’70s rockstar” look to The Hollywood Reporter. This is such a change because while David, Robin Hood, and even Mr. Gold, have all worn what is more “normal” for Storybrooke, Captain Hook stuck to his classic characters’ wardrobe. This may have something to do with that he has actually never been swept up by a curse, but, nonetheless, I’m still shocked it took this long to change his outfit.

In the interview with TVLine, Colin O’Donoghue seemed rather anxious to change the outfit that, he said, “[Hook’s] been wearing…for 300-something years.” The question now is what will bring about the wardrobe change? Does Hook want to assimilate to Storybrooke’s wardrobe? Or does it have something to do with a certain lady-friend (Emma) he’s still trying to please?

Also, based off the pictures, Hook is missing something important from his character…his hook.

Are you looking forward to Hook’s costume change? How about Captain Hook being, well, hook-less?


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