Once Upon A Fan Vid: “Bring Back the Happy Endings”


It’s been a while, but it’s time to share another OUAT fan vid that I have found and everyone should take a look at.

This fan vid focuses primarily on the Once couples, but also throws in other relationships, like Jefferson & Grace, and Hansel, Gretel, & their father, which I thought was a really nice touch. What I loved so much about this vid is that it incorporates many of the iconic quotes and messages from the series (i.e. happy endings & true love) and shows all of the examples from the shows. And very few main, or more popular, pairings are forgotten. It pleases all of OUAT fans.

Favorite part? The very beginning with the montage of clips and quotes about love. It really gets your attention for the whole thing.

Plus, how epic was that music?? Totally made the entire vid better and crazy chill-inducing.

Check out the editor’s other videos on YouTube

Enjoy the vid and get excited for the premiere in 2 Days!!


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