I’m Coming Home–OUAT “There’s No Place Like Home” Recap


I am finally at the end of my hiatus rewatch. Which means that Once Upon A Time finally returns tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier.

Of course, the last recap I am doing is part 2 of the season 3 finale “There’s No Place Like Home.”

Previously on OUAT, Emma and Hook got sucked into Zelena’s time portal and were brought back to the Enchanted Forest (circa OUAT season 1 episode 3 “Snow Falls”). Problem is that Emma messed up the moment her parents met and her and Hook had to go to Rumple for help on how to fix the future. While trying to fix the mistake at a ball for Charming and Abigail (yup, she returned for a hot sec), Emma is sent to jail by Regina for helping Snow escape.

I think that’s enough to catch up on.

This episode begins with a flashback. It is Neal and Emma right after they met in the yellow bug. Neal brings some drinks as he breaks into a carnival so they can enjoy their coffee sitting on the swing ride. Neal tells Emma his “story” about his bad life and why he left it. This leads to a very important philosophy that Emma has seemed to live by since she met Neal, “You don’t have a home until you just miss it.”

In the further past, Emma is thrown in a jail cell. In the cell next to her is a woman she saw Regina capture in town. Even though Emma introduces herself, as Princess Leia (hey there, corporate synergy), the woman doesn’t want to reveal anything because of her family. The woman finally reveals that they will both be killed the next day.

In another part of the forest, Charming captures Snow asking for the ring she stole. Unfortunately, Snow doesn’t have the ring. Emma does. But, after they’re, oh-so-adorable introductions, Hook pops in, as Prince Charles, telling them that to get the ring they must rescue Emma, or Leia, to get it back. And the adventure begins.

Hook takes Snowing back towards Regina’s castle, but Snow must stay hidden because there are ‘Wanted’ posters everywhere with her face. Charming notices some dust around Snow’s neck, which turns out to be dark fairy dust that will turn enemies into bugs. She’s saving hers for Regina. When they arrive near the castle, Snow goes to look for a friend and will enter at night.

While they wait, Hook and Charming have a bonding moment when Hook confronts him about marrying Abigail. Charming admits he wanted to marry for love and not for business. Hook admits to Charming that he loves Emma, but doesn’t know if she reciprocates, plus he doesn’t know how parents feel about him. Suddenly, a figure appears and turns out to be Red, who was instructed to bring them into castle in wolf form.

Back in the prison cells, Emma is admiring her mother’s ring. The woman then talks about wanting to get back to her family, when Emma notices a way out and uses Neal’s technique to help escape her cell. Marian wants Emma to leave without her, but Emma hesitates.

Outside the jail, a wolf appears to distract the guards while Charming attacks him. Hook uses Red’s cloak to return her to a human. As they go to save Emma, Emma appears (with the woman) stopping Hook from his “gallant rescue.” Emma returns the ring to Charming, when Hook notices that Emma saved the woman and is not happy because it messes up the future that they know. After, all of them go searching for Snow in the castle.

Snow shows up in Regina’s room trying to use her fairy dust. Regina, however, sees her and as Snow throws the dust, Regina stops and destroys it. The Black Knights capture Snow and Regina talks about Snow destroying her life leading to Snow allowing Regina to kill her, that night.

Charming, Hook, Emma, and Red search the castle for Snow. Through a window, they see her about to be killed with no way to stop it. Regina sets her body on fire leaving Emma is heartbroken that her mother has ‘died.’

In the forest, Emma continues to grieve the ‘death’ and Hook tries to talk her through it. Suddenly, Emma realizes that if Snow died that means she shouldn’t exist, which means that Snow is alive. An annoying bug then begins to bug Hook (no pun intended). As they try to think of how to find her, Charming notices the bug and stops Hook from killing it to prove it is Snow, who used the fairy dust. Emma notices the bug is ‘talking’ and it turns out she was summoning the Blue Fairy. Blue appears, but knows that Emma is not ‘Princess Leia.’ Blue returns Snow to a human and Emma greets her with a big hug. But, because Snow doesn’t know Emma she is very confused by the enthusiastic greeting. Emma, hurt by the reaction, is briefly comforted by Hook.

The next day, Snow and Charming start to get to know each other and when Snow offers to go get some water for Charming he allows it. Hook explains to Emma the issues of having the woman stay alive when she wasn’t supposed to. Emma’s idea is to bring her back with them to the future. The woman refuses, but Emma knocks her out so she’ll have to agree (making Pirate Hook very proud). When Snow doesn’t return, Charming realizes she stole the ring, again, and is heading towards the Troll Bridge. Bad news: unlike in “Snow Falls,” Snow does not have the fairy dust to stop the trolls. So, Hook and Emma go try and help them.

At the Troll Bridge, Charming saves the day as Snow is sent away without him, but since she can’t use the dust, she improvises. She takes a handful of sand and tricks the trolls into letting Charming go and they leave the bridge. Hook and Emma catch up to them, but instead, watch on as Snowing say their goodbyes. Snow finally tries on Charming’s mother’s ring and fate is sealed because that is the moment Charming fell for Snow. Once they leave each other, Hook and Emma check and now that Snow and Charming met, everything in the storybook goes back to normal.

Emma and Hook, with the passed out woman over his shoulders, return to Rumple’s castle hoping they can get Back to the Future (pun totally intended). Rumple reveals that the portal he had promised to open, can only be opened by the person who used the portal. Instead, Rumple makes a forgetting potion so he won’t remember their visit and the things they told him about his son.

Rumple sends his three visitors to his vault of dangerous items where they are returned to their original clothes. Hook peruses the vault and takes out an urn (important later). Hook gives a little pep talk to get Emma to use her magic to open the portal and Emma finally comes to her senses. She wants to stay in Storybrooke and not go back to NYC. She says that she missed her parents and that they are her home. Neal was right! Once she accepts that Storybrooke is home, her magic works and can use the wand to open a portal.

Hook heads back with the woman, but Rumple appears and stops Emma from returning until he learns more about his son. Emma is forced to tell him that Neal died, and he can’t change the outcome. Emma forces Rumple to take the potion as he lets her enter the portal. Once Rumple remembers, he leaves the vault.

Hook, Emma, and woman return to present time Storybrooke and Emma rushes to the diner to see her parents. Once there, she tells Snowing that she is staying in Storybrooke, and finally calls them Mom and Dad (hopefully permanently).

In the diner, Emma finds out she made the storybook and now she wants to know her brother’s name. So, Charming stops the festivities and announces that their new son’s name is Prince Neal (aww..). You can immediately tell how much it means to Rumple and Emma and Emma has a sweet little moment with her brother.

Emma joins Hook outside to discuss what happened to them. Emma thanks Hook for bringing her back to Storybrooke and asks how he got to her. Turns out, after he got the letter, from Neal, he traded the Jolly Roger for a magic bean and got himself to NYC. Emma realizes the sacrifice and the two share a kiss (Captain Swan fans, rejoice)

Then, we see Rumbelle’s wedding in the forest by the wishing well where Archie is officiating with Belle’s father as a witness. The two share their vows as we see shots of Snowing and the baby, Hook and Emma kissing, and Robin, Regina, and Roland happy together arriving at Granny’s. Also we return to Rumple’s lie of switching the dagger’s possession. But finally, they are married.

Back at Granny’s, Regina and Robin enter with Roland and the woman realizes who Regina is. Afraid that the Evil Queen is casually at Granny’s, Emma offers to introduce them. As the introductions begins, Robin realizes who the woman is…his wife, Maid Marian. Regina is downright pissed to see her new boyfriend reunited with his wife. Emma not sure how to react just apologizes for what she did, but Regina doesn’t want to accept it. Regina just hopes she didn’t bring anything/one back.

Cue, a return to the barn where the urn (see, it was important) was brought back to Storybrooke. Suddenly, we see what was in the urn as some blue goo makes its way through the barn. And what is coming season 4? Well, Elsa is coming to Storybrooke.

That ends my hiatus rewatch recaps. Make sure you tune in to the all-new season of Once Upon A Time tomorrow and see how Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff fit into Storybrooke’s world.

I’ll be live-tweeting the episode if you want to follow: @mkayvee21 and posting a recap and thoughts sometime after the episode.

Enjoy the premiere!


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