OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “A Tale of Two Sisters”


Last night, after waiting oh-so-many months for it to return, Once Upon A Time, finally premiered its season 4 premiere episode, “A Tale of Two Sisters.”

Of course, the episode introduced the characters from Frozen, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven to the world of OUAT, but we also saw our favorite Storybrooke residents (albeit briefly) dealing with repercussions from the season 3 time traveling finale.

So a brief recap:

Arendelle: At the beginning of the episode, Anna and Elsa’s parents are trying to survive the ship wreck we saw their demise in in Frozen, but with a twist, their mother is tries to send a letter, via a bottle, to them explaining where and why they were going on their adventure. Suddenly, 5 years later, Anna is preparing for her wedding to Kristoff when Elsa discovers that their parents were on an expedition to learn about Elsa’s powers, which Elsa now blames their deaths on herself.

Anna wants learn more about why they were making the trip and even though Elsa doesn’t want to take the adventure. Anna decides to go at it alone, with Kristoff’s blessing, and takes off on a ship to, guess where, the Enchanted Forest.

Storybrooke: After the, heartbreaking and unfortunate, reunion between Robin and his wife, Marian, Robin tries to mend some bridges between the two, but, of course, Marian only knows Regina as the Evil Queen, so she’s not quick to forgive. Regina storms off and enlists the help of Sydney Glass, who has been in the hospital insane asylum since season 1, her “mirror” for help on how to destroy/kill Marian.

Elsewhere, Rumple visits Neal’s grave (RIP) and talks about wanting to change and even about switching his real dagger for the fake one in Belle’s possession. But first, they headbeautybeast off for their honeymoon in an abandoned house in Storybrooke and have their first dance dressed in their iconic Beauty and the Beast costumes. Though Rumple discovers something familiar in the house (about its resident, perhaps), and after Belle is asleep he uses his dagger to discover that the Sorcerer’s hat (aka the one from Fantasia) was hiding in the house.

Elsa’s story begins when she leaves the barn, just as she was left in the finale, and discovers she’s in Storybrooke. Her powers take hold of her because of her fear and let’s loose by freezing Grumpy’s truck, who then informs Emma of the “villian” with ice powers.

Elsa continues to hide from everyone because they think she is a monster, but instead, creates the Snow Monster from Frozen we know as Marshmallow, who lets loose on the town.

Emma, and her new squeeze Hook, try to defeat the monster, but cannot and when they, along with Charming, join Robin in the forest Emma is unable to let her magic truly defeat the monster. Instead, Regina shows up and stops it, proving to Marian that she is not the same person who captured her.

On the new couple front, Emma avoids Hook for most the episode, and later admits to Hook that she feels guilty for ruining Regina’s Happy Ending and has a little “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” moment with Regina telling her that she will help her get her Happy Ending.

The end of the episode comes as the two bigger story arcs are revealed. For Elsa, she discovers Gold’s shop and finds a snowflake necklace of Anna’s in there and vows to find Anna, whereever she is. For Regina, she wants to have a Happy Ending and she believes that the only way to do that is to change the book and find the author so that villains, or at least herself, can have a Happy Ending.

I think that sums up the important storylines of the premiere episode.

Some final thoughts/quotes and everything in between:

  • Where were Snow and Charming in the episode? I knew they weren’t going to be in it a lot, but come on more than 2 scenes, please!
  • Also, I’ve said it before, its eerie how similar the Frozen characters are to their movie counterparts, but I like it.
  • The troll CGI may have been some of the best OUAT has done
  • Did anyone else want to sing along to Beauty and the Beast, during Rumbelle’s dance?
  • Nothing was more heartbreaking than watching Robin and Regina’s scene in her office, because for a quick second Regina thought that she would be happy, but then he just crushed her.
  • The first thought that came to my mind when the Sorcerer’s hat was discovered was “Is Mickey now going to pop in?”
  • I thought there were going to be a lot more puns to the Frozen songs and was happily surprised when there weren’t, or at least they went unnoticable
  • I am still curious how Michael Socha will fit into the show because they already have so many things they want to deal with, but I guess we’ll see next week.
  • Now that we have met the Frozen characters, I am really just looking forward to seeing them interact with Storybrooke characters

– “Well, she’s awfully vanilla, can yo blame me?”–Regina, about remembering what Marian did to be punished.

-Emma: “Want to go home and see what’s on Netflix? Hook: “I don’t know what that is, but sure” –I probably laughed hardest at this line in the episode

-“I have all the time in the world, unless another monster shows up and kills me”–Hook (he had a lot of good one liners in the episode)

– “Talk, Reindeer Man”–Elsa to Kristoff

Overall, while I enjoyed the episode, it definitely was a lot of introductions and not enough story, next should be different now that we know what people will be up to for season 4A.

What did everyone else think?

Next week’s episode, “White Out,”


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