Collection of Sneak Peeks: “White Out” 4×02


Some people enjoy them more than others, but my favorite time of week is when sneak peeks are released for upcoming episodes.

It’s always hit or miss on the content, however, they are certainly enjoyable to watch.

These are the sneak peeks for Sunday’s episode:

The first one doesn’t have a lot of content, it just shows Elsa capturing up the town- with ice- so she can find Anna:

The second sneak peek is highly entertaining. Mary Margaret has to try and get the power back on after it was frozen by Elsa. She gets a little antsy and angry trying to get it work, and well, takes out some anger on Grumpy and Happy:

I thoroughly enjoyed this clip, for the pure fact that MM has some scenes in the episode!

UPDATE: 2 more sneak peeks were released today and they reveal a lot more about the episode

Third sneak peek is Emma and Charming assessing the ice situation when Hook interrupts and an entertaining scene begins

Last, a sneak peek of Emma and Elsa first meeting

Enjoy! Make sure you tune into the episode tomorrow at 8pm!


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