OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “White Out”


Another week, another new episode of Once Upon A Time. After last week’s hum-drum introduction to the characters, this week we got to see some more story, but also more Storybrooke characters!

While all the (main) characters got screen time, Rumple, Belle, and Regina were seen veeerry briefly, while the Charming Family took the lead on the episode, with Elsa and Anna in tow.

Time for a brief recap:

Enchanted Forest past: Anna (as Joan) is on her adventure to the Enchanted Forest to figure out what her parents were looking for when they died. She arrives at a farm house of someone she can trust….David (pre-Charming, with a set of pretty realistic long locks).

David knows Kristoff (now, that’s an interaction I want to see) and allows Anna to stay at his farm before she begins. Then, a villain, Bo Peep (yup, that Bo Peep) comes to the farm looking for rent money from David and his mother. Since they don’t have it, she threatens them to be her slaves and “brands” them with her staff making sure she will always be able to find them.

David, who was a timid fellow before Charming, is taught to fight by “Joan” so he can defeat Bo Peep. Anna shares this week’s lesson of “surviving isn’t living” that she tried to tell her sister and when Bo Peep comes to collect, she has also captured Anna for David to go get her. He gets the courage to do so and defeats Bo Peep, take back Anna’s necklace, and save Anna.

Anna heads off on the adventure, and Ruth explains of a dark wizard who can help her, but can not speak his name (Voldemort, is it?). She writes it down and surprise, surprise its Rumplestiltskin she must look for. Cue a cackling Rumple seeing her through a crystal ball.

Storybrooke: After Elsa vows to find Anna, she decides to lock up Storybrooke using a giant ice barrier. Elsewhere, a domesticated Charming family is hanging around in the loft as Snow puts Baby Neal to sleep. Henry is trying to find a way to make Regina feel better after her Robin Hood break up .

Then, a messanger raven appears with a note, from Regina, that she does not want Henry to see her, leaving poor Henry heartbroken. Emma tries to comfort him. Suddenly, a town blackout occurs, thanks to the ice barrier. David and Emma go to check it out at town line, after Henry doesn’t want to join.

The town (or at least Grumpy, Granny, and Happy) go to MM to get the power back on. Apparently, MM is now mayor since she cast the curse that they are in.

Hook appears at town line for help, you can immediately tell David did not want him there. Emma goes to check whose in the cave, as David asks Hook of his intentions with Emma. Hook says he cares for Emma and you can even tell Charming almost approves of this. Emma meets Elsa, who wants to find her sister. Charming and Hook end up spooking Elsa (that’ll happen when you point a gun at someone) and she traps Emma and Elsa in the ice cave.

Hook and David try to save Emma while she is inside trying to talk to Elsa. She gets Hook and Charming to try and find Anna, or else, she’ll freeze whole town.

MM, with baby, along with Grumpy, Granny, and Happy go to the power plant to get the power to work again. MM has a bit of a freakout about the town’s nagging with the power. The ‘town’ leaves as MM figures it out.

Elsa and Emma, in the ice cave, start talking and Emma reveals her lifestory about having magic she can’t control. Elsa feels a kinship and feels bad as Emma is slowly freezing to death.

Hook and Charming go to Gold’s for answers. Gold won’t give them, but David sees a picture of Anna’s necklace and realizes that Anna and Joan are one in the same. David confronts Bo Peep and takes her staff, to help find Anna (Bo Peep branded her).

They return to ice cave to save Emma and David uses the walkie to tell Elsa the same lesson Anna taught him “surviving isn’t living” which allows her the strength to melt the ice.

A sweet little reunion takes place with Hook and Emma as they all head back to get Emma warm. MM, meanwhile, is able to get the power back on thanks to some inspiration from Baby Neal.

At the loft, Charming, Hook, and Henry are trying to get Emma warm. David uses the staff to find Anna, but while they can’t see anything, they hear a heartbeat, meaning Anna is alive somewhere. When MM returns, to meet Elsa, David says they will find Anna because that’s what they do. This gives Henry inspiration to make Regina listen and they have a sweet reunion, too.

Elsa and Emma go back to border and try and get rid of it. But, Elsa can’t. Then, we cut to Elizabeth Mitchell (from Lost) at her ice cream shop. Grumpy wonders how she faired with power outage, but it turns out, after he leaves, that Elizabeth Mitchell has ice powers, and is the new villain of OUAT.

Final thoughts/quotes on the episode:

  • The accent on Bo Peep was ridiculous, everytime she spoke I just went “Why?”
  • We need more domesticated Charming family scenes, or at least more Charming family scenes, its adorable.
  • As much as I have been against a Hook/Emma pairing, they were sort of cute tonight. You could tell just how much Hook loved Emma, and she even reciprocated it.
  • The Hook/Emma hug was cute, but where was the Emma/Charming hug?
  • Jared Gilmore has grown up so much. He’s grown like a foot.
  • I’m assuming Regina, Rumple, and Belle will rejoin the show at some point?
  • Where in the Storybrooke, is the Knave of Hearts (aka Michael Socha) going to fit in to this show?
  • How do the Frozen girls keep having these moments with the other men on the show, that aren’t theres? (Anna/David, Elsa/David, and Elsa/Kristoff) I kept having to remind myself that Anna was engaged and she wasn’t going to be with David.
  • MM looked a bit spooked/threatened by meeting Elsa…or was that just me?
  • Favorite scene? All the scenes in the loft and Elsa and Emma’s heart to heart.
  • Loved Elizabeth Mitchell’s intro, but even more awesome was her ice cream power (who doesn’t want that?)
  • Oh. There was a deleted scene with Regina and Snow revealed on this morning’s GMA. Check it out here

“You have survived your entire lives without lights. Buy a flashlight.”–Mary Margaret (Favorite quote from episode)

“I googled how to get over a breakup. It didn’t talk about your boyfriend’s wife traveling back from the past but close enough.”–Henry

“Regina’s in a lot of pain over Robin Hood. And everything else that’s happened in the last, well forever.”–Emma to Henry

“There you go sweetheart. I’ll see you in three hours for your midnight shrieking.”–Mary Margaret

David: “I think it’s time you and I have a little talk about your intentions.” Hook: “That’s a little old-fashioned, even by my standards, and I pay with doubloons.”

This episode was a lot more enjoyable than the premiere because it moved the story along, maybe not with Rumple and Regina, but I always like Charming family stories.

How ’bout everyone else?

Next Week: More Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen  and even Robin Hood in “Rocky Road.


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