My OUAT Comic Con Experience


After a weekend in NYC and a good night’s sleep recovering, I am finally ready to talk about my experience at New York’s Comic Con on Friday.

First up, the trip was last minute. So last minute, I wasn’t even officially going until Thursday. I happened to be going to NYC anyway that weekend and wanted to go to meet Sean Maguire, Jennifer Morrison, and see the OUAT panel with Adam and Eddy.


Luckily, everything worked out.

And after virtually no sleep Thursday night, I headed towards NYC via a 2 1/2 hour train ride towards the Javits Center for Comic Con.

I arrived at the center around 9:30 and had a pretty close entrance to the door because by 10am the crowd looked like this:


I had a 3 tier plan for the day. Since my only interest was OUAT the goal was to meet Sean, meet Jennifer, and go to the panel. If I got all three done I would call it a success.


“Emma” and Regina

I started with Sean. He was supposed to start autographs at 10am and I was first in line. Unfortunately, he was a little late. Well, he got there at noon, but in those 2 hours I got to meet other OUAT fans, who were just as obsessed, if not a little more, with OUAT asmyself. I had tried to go a little Emma Swan for Comic Con (I had the red leather jacket), so I got a picture with another fan I met who was dressed as Regina. Fun times!

Once Sean arrived, I got to meet him first. We chit-chatted while he got a marker for the autograph and I even gave him a link to this very blog (Thanks, Sean, if you happen to read this :))


I will say that Sean was the nicest guy. I haven’t met many celebrities in my life, but he was the kindest person. I told him how much I love the show, Outlaw Queen, and he noticed the Emma Swan “costume”. Everything I had waited for (and spent on–the autograph and photo were pricy), had totally lived up to expectations and waiting those two hours were completely made up for after I met Sean.

My Comic Con friend, Michelle

My Comic Con friend, Michelle


Line for JMO photo op

My second stop was meeting Jennifer. I had met a new friend in the Sean line and we stuck together for the whole day, which made the day a lot more fun. I had bought a ticket for the Jennifer Morrison Photo Op, so rather than waiting in line for an autograph also (another pricy endeaavor), I stuck with the picture. Which was a good thing, because the line for Jennifer was crazzzzyy long as it got closer to the time. We got there a good half hour, 45 minutes before it was scheduled.

IMG_20141010_153118When I got my picture, it went by really fast. She looked gorgeous and was very nice when I quickly met her. She even noticed my red jacket. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to give her my blog name, but she was very nice for the brief amount of time I met her.

After, we finally got a chance to walk around the floor–and my vow to not spend any extra money went down the drain fast. The floor was interesting and that was when I got to see most of the costumes, which were so elaborate, I was in awe of them. There were a lot of Elsa and Anna’s (I got a picture with one set, but I can’t seem to find it), I also got a picture with a Mad Eye Moody (I’m also a Harry Potter fan).


Oh, we also went to go see Sean again and say “Hi.” Still, the nicest guy.

Once we saw some of the floor, we made our way to the panel line at 4:30. But, since the line was going to be long, we were going to sit through the panel before so we could have better seats, which meant getting in line at 2:30.

We sat in a Batman panel which was right before the OUAT panel. But, once that ended we tried to get a closer seat, which meant shuffling around for 5 min, and finally we got one in the middle section closer to the front.


A special sneak peek for the panel was the premiere of tonight’s episode (“Rocky Road”) of OUAT. I loved watching it with an audience of other OUAT fans because you get true reactions, like just how popular Regina is and how much Marian is disliked by most of the fandom (Outlaw Queen!!). FYI, the episode, in my opinion, was the best of the 3, so far, in season 4 and was on par with a lot of the great OUAT episodes.


Twitter conversation with Matt Mitovich after panel!!—Another highlight

After the episode, Matt Mitovich, from TV Line, (aka my favorite TV website) hosted a short panel with Jennifer, Adam Horowitz, and Eddy Kitsis. They mentioned a lot about the Frozen characters, Emma/Hook, Hook/Rumple, Regina/Robin, and even Snow/Charming.

The fans were taking pictures like crazy. Totally throwing out the no flash photography IMG_20141010_172554rule. After the panel, I had hoped that maybe I could get Adam/Eddy’s autographs, but everyone was so busy getting pictures of Jen, that it was impossible.

Once the panel was over, my day had been completed. I got everything I wanted done. And I had very few regrets and learned a lot about what a convention like that is like.

So… the 2 major regrets I had were,

  1. Not getting more pictures of the costumes because there were sooo many good ones I wanted to be able to show others just how good the costumes were and
  2. Not walking around the floor more because even though I am not a comic book person, you really get the feel of what Comic Con is by walking around the floor.

Some of the things I learned were

  1. Wear comfortable shoes!!! Sure, my brown boots were for the Emma Swan “costume”, but, wow, do your feet hurt by standing around for hours. I was in a lot of pain by the end of the night.
  2. If you go to Comic Con, you are going to spend money and a lot of it, if you want the experience you plan for. I planned on only walking out with my autograph, picture, and a T-shirt. That did not happen, haha.
  3. A lot of the day is waiting. For the 8 hours I was there, I spent more than half of it waiting for what I wanted to do, so be prepared with snacks and water. Lots of water. After Friday, I gave a lot of credit for the fans who wait at San Diego Comic Con, because I have heard that those lines are ridiculous.

That was my day at my very first Comic Con. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I definitely would (though I would make sure that there were parts that interested me, first). But, it was a great first experience. Everyone I talked to was really nice and meeting Sean and Jennifer and seeing tonight’s episode was a phenomenal experience.

Hope you enjoyed the play-by-play and pictures. Anymore questions about my experience leave in the comments and I’ll let you know. 🙂


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