OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “Rocky Road”


This week’s episode went into full gear with the Snow Queen story as we learn who she is and who she knows.

Everyone got some scenes in tonight’s episode. Henry, Snow, Charming, Hook/Emma, Regina. We even go to the introduction of Will Scarlet from Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.

Now usually, I have an extensive recap of the episode–and I did. But unfortunately, I made the biggest mistake, of not saving it, moments before I was about to publish. Lesson: Always save your work.

I will give my recap, but in a crazy short form and stick mostly to my thoughts and favorite quotes from the episode.

So let’s begin

In Arendelle of the past: Kristoff is trying to assure Elsa that Anna is fine after they haven’t heard from her in a while, when a guard tells Elsa that Hans is trying to invade Arendelle.

Kristoff takes it upon himself to see what he’s up to in the forest. As he spies, he learns that Hans is trying to capture Elsa in an urn meant for people with magic, so he is able to become king of Arendelle.

When he tells Elsa, she goes with Kristoff to find the urn first before Hans can get to it in the mountains. They find the urn, but can not keep it safe for long because Hans appears to capture Elsa. When he releases the urn, so shiny goo is emptied and instead forms into the Snow Queen, who then turns Han’s into ice.

Elsa and the Snow Queen return to Arendelle, where the Snow Queen reveals that she is actually Elsa’s aunt (her mother’s sister), but Elsa had no idea. Elsa is excited to learn she has someone in the family similar to her and they decide to find Anna, together.

In Storybrooke, present: Robin, Marian, and Roland go to the ice cream shop for a treat and to introduce Marian to the wonders of ice cream. Elizabeth Mitchell, who is as shady as can be, adds a little something to Marian’s treat (a curse), that later turns Marian to ice in Mary Margaret’s first mayoral meeting.

Robin goes to Regina for help, who just started her own adventure, Operation Mongoose, with Henry. Elsa reveals that an act of True Love will break it, but when Robin’s kiss doesn’t work, Regina says she will find an alternative. (At NYCC, the audience, including myself, went nuts when the kiss didn’t work).

After a meeting with Rumple, Hook determines that the dagger Belle has is not the real one. In return, they make a deal for Rumple to help find the owner of the magic that cursed Marian for Hook’s silence. Elsa and Hook follow the magic into the woods and find the Snow Queen.

Emma and Charming look for clues at Robin’s camp, and come upon Will Scarlet. He gives them proof of the ice cream shop owner’s secret, but not before he runs off.

They go to the forest and Emma uses her magic to save Elsa and Hook from the Snow Queen and actually reveals that she knows Emma, but doesn’t know how. 

Alone at the office, Robin reveals that the reason the kiss didn’t work was because he loves someone else. And Outlaw Queen fans start swooning. Unfortunately, he will not break the promise to Marian, so they are still at a standstill. Henry brings back somthing from Regina’s vault to help Marian, a heart box. Regina rips out Marian’s heart to preserve it while they search for another way.

After Emma storms off from Hook, she breaks down saying that everyone she’s been with has died (Neal, Graham, Walsh) and doesn’t wish the same for Hook. Then they share a kiss in the middle of Storybrooke.

Rumple meets the Snow Queen in the middle of the woods and asks if Emma recognized her and says there will be repercussions if she does. The Snow Queen reveals that if she needs Rumple’s help she will go to him.


  • S.H.I.E.L.D and Thor comics (oh, ABC synergy and a little throwback to Josh Dallas’ Thor past
  • Why was everyone so mad about not being able to leave town? Even if there wasn’t a barrier, they wouldn’t be able to anyways.
  • How does Snow Queen know Emma? My theory: one of Emma’s foster parents
  • Biggest Comic Con reactions: Hook’s phone quote, Regina’s first appearance, Charming pummeling Will Scarlet to ground, and “Let it Go” reference.
  • The Archie/Snow scene was really cute. Can Raphael Sbarge be a series regular again??
  • Kristoff and Sven moments are the best.
  • Since I didn’t watch OUATiW I never met Will Scarlet, but I like him so far.
  • Another creepy look alike…Hans looks exactly like Hans.
  • How does Rumple know everyone and their business?
  • Is it even a question? But my favorite scene was the Robin/Regina scene, as heartbreaking as the ending was.
  • Another deleted scene was revealed on GMA. Unlike last week’s, I’m ok that they cut this one out. Check it out here.—and will this become a regular thing?


“Hey, Dairy Queen!”–Emma to Snow Queen

“It’s a device for talking. I don’t bloody know. I press the Emma button and she answers usually”–Hook

“If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s surviving.”–Hook

“Two sheriff’s? Bloody hell! That’s not even fair, is it?”–Will Scarlet

Emma: “Who the hell is Frederick?” Henry: “Long story.”

“It’s all about the tumblers.”–Emma referencing Neal ❤

“Dangerous Urn! Keep away!”–Kristoff, about the symbols on urn

Next week: “The Apprentice” with Hook and Emma’s first date and Anna meets Rumple.


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