Things are Getting Rough: Fight on the Jolly Roger


When the Neverland crew got on the Jolly Roger in season 3, it was obvious it was not going to be smooth sailing. And, of course, it was not long before all that pent up anger between Snow and Regina and Hook and Charming came to blows and they had at it on the Jolly Roger.

Unfortunately, all that fighting caused a crazy storm on the ship and only Emma realized it.

So, in honor of the storm I am in the middle of, here’s a clip with the Nevengers fighting in the middle of Neverland.

There is nothing funnier than watching Snow and Regina have at it after years of aggression towards the other, and Hook and Charming’s fight is just as entertaining.

Luckily, Emma figured out the cause and saved the day, well, tried to until she was knocked out and saved by Daddy Charming.

It’s a fun scene, especially to begin the season.



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