OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “The Apprentice”


After seeing Rumple with the Sorcerer’s hat in the season premiere (4×01), many have been wondering why is it important, especially with 4A focusing on the Frozen characters.

Finally, we’re got some answers in the fourth episode, “The Apprentice.” And, not only, do we see Rumple’s story, we also see Hook (I mean, Killian’s) and Emma’s first date.

So, how about a recap?

In Enchanted Forest Past: In a vault, we saw Zoso, the Dark One before Rumple (see, 1×08),  go after the box with the Sorcerer’s hat. When the box doesn’t open, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice arrives and tells him that no Dark One has ever been able to open it because there can’t be darkness in your heart to open it…so that eliminates Rumple. Doesn’t it?

After Anna left David and Ruth’s farm, Anna makes it to Rumple’s castle to find out what happened with her parents and she makes a deal (oh, how little she knows about Rumple). She is to bring a potion to the Apprentice, and Rumple will give her information about her parents.

After meeting the man, she doesn’t have the heart to give him the potion, since she believes it is a poison. Turns out, it was an antidote to a poison, and the Apprentice turned into a mouse (is it Mickey from Fantasia?). Rumple tricked her to help him with another plan. They return to the Apprentice’s home where Anna becomes furious with Rumple for tricking her and uses a sword to try and kill him.

Anna is unable to and Rumple uses a tear to bypass the curse on the box, since Anna does not have darkness in her heart. Once Rumple has the box, the mouse Apprentice tricks Rumple knocking the dagger out of his hands and Anna gets her hands on it.

The hat is an even more powerful form of magic that will absorb other magical powers and make someone unstoppable. Rumple wants it because the dagger is his fault and wants something to be more powerful.

With the dagger, Anna learns of its control and makes Rumple give her the hat after she learns that is what her parents went looking for because they were scared of Elsa and her powers. Anna makes Rumple send her back to Arendelle. 

In Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff reunite (awww) and she tells him of what she learned about her parents’ trip. She doesn’t want to tell Elsa that her parents feared her and has no idea what the next step is.

In Storybrooke: With Henry’s blessing, Emma asks Hook out on their first official date. When Hook agrees, he goes to Gold’s shop with another deal, or blackmail, for him. He wants his hand to be able to hold Emma with both of his hands. Gold gives him the hand, but says that the hand belonged to the pirate 200-some years ago so it may not know how much Hook has changed. Hook doesn’t buy any of it.

At the Charming loft, Snow shows Elsa the census to find Anna, but not before Emma makes her big debut for her date. Some adorable parent moments happen, Snow overly excited, Charming not wanting any of it, and then Hook arrives. Hook finally gets in some 21st century garbs and Emma takes a second to realize he has two hands.

They go on their date. At the bar, Will Scarlett makes an appearance, but when he sees Emma and tries to sneak out, he spills wine on her dress. Hook’s hand grabs hold of Will and threatens him. Will gets away and they have a good date.

Hook returns Emma to the loft, and Emma is greeted by her parents. Snow wants to know everything, and Charming does not.

Hook runs into Scarlett breaking into the library. His “hand” gets a mind of its own and punches him. Hook knows that he has to get rid of the hand. He stops Rumple, but learns there is no blackmail on him because the real dagger is with Belle. Rumple decides to use Hook as an apprentice of sorts (see the wordplay ;)) to help him out with an issue.

After the date, Emma has a Snow Queen spotting when she makes Emma slide on ice in her car. Emma goes after her, but is interrupted by a call from Belle saying that Will Scarlett broke into the library.

Hook and Rumple meet and follow a broom to the Apprentice’s house. Hook holds down the man, while Rumple allows the hat to absorb him. With the deal done, Hook has his hook returned, and Rumple says his hand wasn’t actually cursed…it was all Hook.

Rumple shows a videotape to Hook of them at the Apprentice’s house and deletes himself. He now has blackmail against Hook and plans on making him his “puppet.”

At the station, Emma confronts Will and shows how he had Alice in Wonderland and a photo of the Red Queen on him when he was arrested. She also wants to know how he got a black eye, but Will doesn’t say that Hook did it.

Charming informs Emma that the name the Snow Queen was going by, Sarah Fisher, is not in the censuses. And the questions continue.

Elsewhere, Henry and Regina are discovering how to cure Marian and come up empty. Henry asks Regina about her and Robin and Regina chooses not to give answers.

Later, Henry decides that Rumple may have the answer to the storybook’s author since he got a happy ending with Belle. His plan is to go “under cover” at Gold’s shop and see if Gold knows anything. Gold agrees and Henry is now Gold’s Apprentice. 


  • Is it just me or did Emma looked like she was going to be sick as she asked Hook out on that date?
  • There was nothing cuter than watching Snow and Charming be parents as Emma went on her date.–By far, favorite scene.
  • Emma made it pretty clear that she needs her own place, but where?
  • How did the Apprentice not think Anna was up to something as she spent more than a few seconds by that tea?
  • I think a lot of people were happy the date was not at Granny’s.
  • Belle has appeared so little this season, Baby Neal has had more scenes than her.
  • Why was Hook sleeping by the docks? Doesn’t he have a nice room at Granny’s to sleep at?
  • The amount of issues that are going to arise when Belle/Emma learn all of the deceit from Rumple/Hook is going to be astronomical. Hook may have even realized it after the Apprentice got absorbed.
  • Hard to believe that that was Anna and Kristoff’s first scene together. And it was adorable.
  • Will Will Scarlet have anything to do with any of the big storylines, or is he just a filler character?
  • I have to admit I’m disappointed that Henry is not helping out Rumple because he wants to, but is instead doing it as an undercover op.


“Blackmail brings out the romantic in you.”–Rumple to Hook

Hook: “Your daughter couldn’t be in better hands.” David: “That’s exactly what I’m worried about.”

“Wanna have coffee with my parents, a newborn, and a human ice maker?”–Emma

Snow: “She seems happy.” David: “I guess, he really has changed.” Emma: I can still hear you guys.”

“What is it? I took a bath this morning, I swear”–Kristoff to Anna

That concludes an overview of “The Apprentice.” The episode moved forward a lot of what was going on, and I’m looking forward to seeing how everything plays out.

Next week: Looks like Emma and Regina are going to work together against the Snow Queen on “Breaking Glass”


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