23 Times Snow and Charming Proved to be Great Parents


Even though they missed the first 28 years of her life, Snow and Charming have helped make up for missing out on Emma’s life since they have met her and after Sunday’s episode, “The Apprentice,” we saw just how much they were like…parents.

Here are 23 times that Snow and Charming proved they are great parents Emma.

1. Giving Emma up to break the curse–It was the hardest thing they could do, but like Snow said, they wanted her to have her best chance.

2. When Mary Margaret let Emma live with her when she moved to Storybrooke.

3. Mary Margaret helped Emma open up to Graham, before he died (still hurts).

4. When MM gave a convincing “mom” lecture after Emma tried to kidnap Henry.

5. When Snow jumped in the portal after Emma.

6. When David watched over Henry while Emma was gone.

7. When Snow told the ogre what’s what after it tried to kill Emma.

8. When Snow was comforted Emma for the first time.

9. When Snow kicked Mulan’s butt when she wanted to cut down the beanstalk.

10. When David proved to Emma that she was not alone.

11. David’s “So, you’re the guy who messed with my daughter” look, when he first met Neal.

12. The first real moment that David and Emma had together, after Neal fell through the portal.

13. When Snow told Emma to trust her to save the town and then took the anger when it backfired.


14. When David saved Emma from the mermaids.

15. When Snow wanted so bad to be able to comfort Emma over Neal’s “death.”

16. Charming’s protective-dad mode when it came to Hook and Emma.

17. Snow wanting Emma to have a “happy ending” with someone.

18. David’s pep talk with Emma when they returned from Neverland.

19. When they convinced Emma to leave Storybrooke with Henry for their safety.

20. The happiest, I-can’t-believe-it’s-you face from Charming when Emma returned to Storybrooke.

21. That David felt guilty/nervous about having another child, after they have lost Emma so many times.

22. Comforting Emma after Neal’s actual death (RIP).

And finally…

23. The single, best, my-daughter-is-going-on-a-date parent reactions, you would hope for.


So there’s the list. Are there any other moments I missed?

Leave them in the comments. 🙂





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