Guest Star Profile: Gil McKinney


On this addition of Guest Star Profiles, we meet Gil McKinney. He played one the most iconic Disney Princes, Eric from The Litte Mermaid, in 3 (brief) episodes of OUAT. Make sure you click the links for clips, pictures, and his Twitter.

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Enjoy 🙂

Name: Gil McKinney

Born: Texas

Character: Prince Eric

Status: Living happily with Ariel on some deserted island

Popular Roles:

First Appearance: “Ariel” 3×06

Memorable Quote: from “Ariel

Eric: “Would you like to dance? It might be easier than walking.”

Ariel: “No one’s dancing.”

Eric: “Well, that’s one of the perks of being the prince. If I wanna dance, I can.”

Twitter: @GilMcKinney

Source: IMdB

Make sure you check out his singing skills from different conventions he’s been to.


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