23 Reasons to be Thankful for OUAT 4A


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Sure, while you go around the table and give thanks for family, friends, and health, think about why you are thankful for this Frozen season of Once Upon A Time.

Check out some (of the many) reasons to be thankful for season 4A of OUAT:

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Guest Star Profile: Jamie Chung


Time for another profile for the many, many OUAT guest stars. This addition is one of Disney’s ‘princesses,’ even though she technically isn’t a princess.

It’s Mulan’s, Jamie Chung.

Enjoy, and make sure you click the links for interviews and clips with Jamie.

Also, here are the other profiles if you missed them.

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FairyTale Friday: Robin Hood


A new addition in the FairyTale Friday series. This time a comparison of Robin Hood’s story.


Sean Maguire and I at NYCC

Robin Hood has become a staple on Once Upon A Time, thanks to his relationship with Regina (Team Outlaw Queen).

But how has the traditional story changed from folklore, to Disney film, to his portrayal on Once Upon A Time? For starters, Sean Maguire is not a fox (ok, maybe figuratively, but not literally, like in the Disney film).

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OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “Smash the Mirror”


Thanks to a special 2 hour episode, so much happened on last night’s episode, “Smash the Mirror.”

Emma almost lost her magic (and probably more), more clues were given to Operation Mongoose, and Rumple found the secret ingredient to being free of the dagger.

Yes, a lot happened in that 2 hour period.

Now, check out the recap, along with the thoughts and fun quotes, at the end, (there were a lot) from “Smash the Mirror.”

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Back to the Beginning: OUAT at PaleyFest


For a TV fan like myself, cast panels are a great way to get information about the series straight from the people who make the show.

It’s even better when you can’t make it to LA and can watch clips and live-stream panels online, like with PaleyFest.

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OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “The Snow Queen”


The mystery of the missing sisters was solved with a heavy flashback of Arendelle’s princesses and future queen.

In addition to that, The Snow Queen was captured, but only to have some time alone with Emma where she did whatever she used her knowledge as her foster mom to make her lose confidence.

Now, let’s see what happened in “The Snow Queen.”

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Your Vote Counts: People’s Choice Awards


Sure, yesterday were the mid-term elections, but you can also start voting for something entirely different.

Favorite Actor/Actress, TV Show/Movie, Country Artist. The list goes on and on.

This week began the the voting period for the People’s Choice Awards and even Once Upon A Time has a number of nominees in the categories.

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