OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “Family Business”


There were so many pieces to the puzzle that came together last night on Once Upon A Time. We learned so much more about the Snow Queen’s motives (she is ka-razyy) and even more about Belle’s connection to all of this.

Since it was a Belle-centric episode, there were also more scenes of Belle than the entire first 5 episodes…combined.

Now let’s recap what happened in last night’s episode…”Family Business.”

In Enchanted Forest/Arendelle past: As the ogres attack a castle in the EF, the queen is hiding books from them (not sure the importance of this, but moving on). We discover that the woman is Belle’s mother and the two get stuck in the castle’s library as the ogres attack. When Belle wakes up from a nightmare of the attack, she discovers her mother died and doesn’t remember anything, and even worse, her father, Maurice won’t explain the details.

Later, Belle uses her handy-dandy books to try and figure out a way to restore her memories, against Maurice’s wishes. She heads off to Arendelle where she will meet the Rock Trolls aka Kristoff’s family. Her first stop in Arendelle is Oaken’s shop (as in “Yoo-Hoo! Big Summer Blowout”- Oaken). She meets Anna who is also on a journey.

Anna wants to see Grand Pabie and learn more about her aunt, the Snow Queen, because she is not sure she can be trusted. Elsa may have been very happy to have her around, but Anna wants more answers.

When Anna and Belle meet, Anna takes her along. Eventually, after a mishap climbing up a cliff, Belle discovers the sorcerer’s hat box that Anna stole from Rumple in the EF. Anna tells her of what is in the box and hopes she never meets him again…boy, is Anna in for a rude-awakening if she meets Belle/Rumple.

At Grand Pabie’s, Belle gets a way to restore her memories and Anna finds out a lot more about her family. Apparently, Anna’s mother had 2 sisters, Snow Queen (Ingrid) and Helga. They disappeared one day and Grand Pabie then wiped away the entire kingdom of Arendelle’s memories of the 2 sisters.

On the way to warn Elsa, Anna and Belle are caught in a storm by the Snow Queen (ie like the one Emma and Regina got caught in). Belle loses her memory cure and tries to save it while Anna is hanging off a cliff. But, Belle waits too long and Anna falls down and is picked up by the Snow Queen, who takes the magic hat box. Belle must return to EF and Anna is taken prisoner by the Snow Queen.

Belle returns and her father tells her how her mother protected her before she died (why didn’t he want to tell her the truth??). Held captive, Anna discovers part of the Snow Queen’s plan.

In Storybrooke: Rumple continues to be shady with-his-wife, when Belle and him are called to the Sherriff’s Station. Everyone, plus Elsa, are trying to figure out how Emma forgot about knowing the Snow Queen. As they figure out where to start, young Henry is the one with the answers, look for the Ice Cream Truck (duh!).

Emma, Hook, and Regina head off to the forest and Belle does what she does best…research, with the help of Elsa. At the library, they look for answers, but Belle doesn’t let it be known that she knew Anna, mostly because of guilt.

In the forest, Robin Hood found the truck as Emma, Hook, and Regina come upon it. Inside, they find papers and information about Emma. Snow Queen has been watching out for since Emma arrived in Maine 30-ish years ago. Also, with the information is personal belongings of Emma that Snow Queen kept, paintings, essays, a card, and a scroll with runes. Emma still wants to know why she can’t remember.

For Regina, Robin confronts her about his little confession (that he still loves her). But, Regina was avoiding him because she can’t find a way to cure Marian. Regina tells him the only way to fix it would be for Robin to fall back in love with his wife. And the Outlaw Queen fans bury themselves in a corner.

Belle decides she has to save Anna and uses the “dagger” to “make” Rumple take her to the Snow Queen’s lair, who just returned from it after the Snow Queen wouldn’t reveal her big plan.

Belle arrives at lair to find the hat box, which she thinks Snow Queen has, but Rumple actually has it. In the cave, she comes across the mirror that the Snow Queen fixed and a representation of Belle is talking down to her. It tells her bad things, that she doesn’t have dagger, etc., and an odd spell/curse comes over her so when Rumple arrives she swipes the dagger at him.

They go back to the shop where Belle feels terribly guilty about the lying and the bad things she heard from the mirror. Rumple just lets her apologize knowing that he has waayy bigger lies. He goes back to the ice cave with the hat and threatens the Snow Queen to not hurt his loved ones or the hat will take her powers.

Finally, at the Sherriff’s Station, Elsa shows Emma a book with the truth of Elsa’s family. Turns out, Emma looks like the missing sister, Helga. Elsa sees the scroll and tells of a prophecy with Emma’s name, her purpose as a “replacement” sister. Belle arrives and everything makes even more sense. The mirror can cast a curse that will make everyone turn on each other and when the town implodes, the only people left will be the 3 sisters, Snow Queen, Elsa, and Emma.


  • Anna and Kristoff are just perfect! I want many more scenes with them together.
  • I don’t think there could’ve been a better representation of Oaken. I about died from laughing everytime he spoke.
  • Henry Mills: the kid with the answers…why isn’t he in the show more??
  • The Crazy-monitor is off the charts for the Snow Queen and Elizabeth Mitchell is fantastic at playing the crazy part.
  • Regina telling Robin to fall back in love with Marian may be the most selfless she has ever been, outside of Henry
  • Season 4A should officially be called the Season of Secrets or at least “Family Business” should be. So. Many. Lies.
  • My biggest bone to pick: If Belle remembers time with Anna, how did she not put it together that the hat box came from Rumple?? I mean, there aren’t that many evil sorcerer’s in the EF that we have heard of.
  • I really hope when Rumple says “loved ones” to Snow Queen he also means Henry. Sure, he may not care about anyone else in Storybrooke, but let’s hope his grandson is on that list with Belle.
  • Where was Will Scarlet???


Emma: “The Snow Queen has an Ice Cream Truck?” Henry: “I’m a kid. I notice these things”

Anna: “I’m a good judge of character.” Kristoff: “You agreed to marry Hans 10 min. after you met him.” Anna: “I was young and naive.” Kristoff: “You met me the next day.” Anna: “Younger.”

“You know I’ll support you no matter what, unless it’s dumb, then I’ll tell you.”–Kristoff

Regina: “It’s bad enough I’m stuck with you and Captain Guyliner making eyes at each other.” Emma: “We don’t make eyes.”

“I couldn’t help overhearing you, well I could, but I’m naturally curious.”–Anna to Belle

“I just hope you never cross paths with that twisted man”–Anna, to Belle about Rumple

Hook: “Believe it or not, I was a child once.” Emma: “Yea, like a million years ago.” Hook: “It was more like 200.”

“You spend a little more time in this town, love, you realize just about everyone is related.”–Hook

This was an interesting episode. I like how we learned about the plan, as crazy as it is. Plus, I’m loving Anna more and more with every episode.

Next Week: Trouble continues in Storybrooke as Emma’s powers start to backfire on her, putting loved ones in harm’s way in “The Snow Queen”


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