Collection of Sneak Peeks: “The Snow Queen” 4×07


In anticipation of Sunday’s new episode of Once Upon A Time, there have (so far) been 2 sneak peeks released for what is coming up.

The first sneak peek has a very telling scene about what is coming up for Outlaw Queen.

As an OQ fan, these scenes are so sad to watch because you feel like Robin should do the right thing for a frozen Marian, but at some point it will only hurt Marian. I also feel horrible for Regina who has to endure Robin flip-flopping about his feelings while she has to simultaneously save Marian.

There was also an interview by TV Guide with Lana Parrilla where she is in full Evil Queen wardrobe discussing her relationship with Robin and how it is affecting her.

The second sneak peek is verrry short and is just an extension of what was shown in the promo for the episode.

It is of Emma capturing the Snow Queen with the some-what help of Elsa, Charming, and Hook. My only question is where did she get the candle she used to capture her? Rumple, Regina, or did she figure it out with her magic on her own? I highly doubt it, but I guess the answer will be solved on Sunday.

The moment/scene I am really looking forward to is based off the photos released from the episode. That is a very royal Mommy-and-Me class with the Snow White, Aurora, and Cinderella (who has finally returned), along their respective children. Too much cuteness will come out of that scene…and I can’t wait.

Who else is looking forward to some answers this Sunday? I am looking forward to the episode for the pure fact that it is written by the creators, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis. They have a good track record of phenomenal episodes (Manhattan, Ariel, A Curious Thing, etc.)

Tune in Sunday 8/7c for the new episode on ABC.


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