OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “The Snow Queen”


The mystery of the missing sisters was solved with a heavy flashback of Arendelle’s princesses and future queen.

In addition to that, The Snow Queen was captured, but only to have some time alone with Emma where she did whatever she used her knowledge as her foster mom to make her lose confidence.

Now, let’s see what happened in “The Snow Queen.”

In Arendelle past: The 3 young sisters, Ingrid (Snow Queen), Helga, and Gerta, chase a kite until it crashes into a tree. The kite owner appears and tries to kidnap Gerta and Helga. To save her sisters, Ingrid accidentally uses her powers. When the man sees them, he calls her a ‘monster’ (a theme of the episode), but before he can run off to reveal the secret a branch falls on top of him, seemingly killing the man.

Even though Ingrid is scared by what she just did, Helga puts her at ease and they use ribbons from the kite to keep a sister secret.

Years later, Helga and Gerta are getting ready for a ball. Since she is scared of her powers, Ingrid chooses not to go. At the ball, Helga introduces her father to a suitor, the Duke of Weselton from Frozen, they don’t actually say his name, but there is no doubt who he is.

Ingrid watches the fun from afar, however, her emotion makes her powers appear and she runs off. Ingrid thinks it is best to leave, but before she has the chance to leave, Gerta tells the sisters of a dark wizard who can help Ingrid. Of course, the dark wizard is Rumplestiltskin, who has his fingers in everything.

When they meet Rumple in all his glory, Ingrid wants her magic to be taken away. Rumple shows Ingrid ways to conceal her magic with gloves (conceal, don’t feel) and the magic urn, where Ingrid can be kept if the powers get out of hand. With Rumple, everything comes with a price and his is the sister ribbons.

Even though Helga and Gerta do not want to give them up, Ingrid makes them for her good. After they return, Ingrid to have something to control her magic, when the Duke of Weaselton (sorry, I mean Weselton) appears to meet the mysterious oldest sister. Weaselton tries to make a move on Ingrid and uses her magic to push him off.

Helga sees the aftermath of the scene, and wants Weselton out (with many Weasel-puns before he goes). However, before he tries to leave he promises to tell everyone of the mystery sister’s powers and, again, uses her magic. 

Unfortunately, this time, it hits Helga in the heart and freezes her, but Ingrid is unable to save her. When Gerta sees the scene she immediately is scared of her sister and uses the urn to capture her.

With both her sisters gone, Gerta goes to Grand Pabbie for a memory potion so everyone will forget Helga and Ingrid existed. But, even Grand Pabbie knows that “magic always comes with a price,” with magic that powerful. And the rest is history.

In Storybrooke: Emma and Elsa discover a spell to capture the Snow Queen. Emma is unsuccessful when she tries, but puts it on hold to babysit Baby Neal.

At Granny’s, Emma sees Ashley (aka Cinderella) having a Mommy and Me class with her, Aurora, and other moms. After the class, Emma hears talk about Snow being a 1st time mom. Emma is seemingly a tad hurt and accidentally makes Neal’s bottle boil with her magic.

Though Snow is hesitant to hand over Neal, Emma gets news from David about where the Snow Queen is. Emma finds her in the clock tower and uses the spell to capture the Snow Queen.

At the Station, Emma and Elsa ask more questions about the her plan, but Elsa gets too heated about where Anna is, so Emma sends her off to figure out the mirror. Once alone, the Snow Queen asks Emma personal questions from their time together.

In the clock tower, Hook, Charming, and Elsa try to figure out how to destroy the mirror. When Belle arrives, she notices the mirror is not having the same affect as it did her. The mirrior is fake so Emma and Snow Queen could be alone together.

We interrupt Story A for Story B in 4×07.

As Regina is looking through her many books in her vault, a certain Robin Hood appears, against her wishes. Robin Hood is very conflicted about his feelings for Regina (and Marian) and takes it out on the dartboard at Granny’s. Newcomer Will Scarlet, a disgraced member of Merry Men (see OUAT Wonderland) arrives and gives him a brief, somewhat drunken, love advice.

Regina continues to look through the storybook seeing all the ‘happy endings,’ including Robin and Marian’s. Henry arrives looking dapper for his pawn shop job. Though Regina promises to begin focusing on Operation Mongoose, that may be hard after Robin listens to Will and convinces him to go back to Regina, even if it destroys his life with Marian.

We now return to Story A.

At the shop, Rumple keeps having Henry doing non-magical things while he wants to learn more about the storybook author.

With Henry in back of shop, Rumple is greeted by Hook, Charming, Belle, and Elsa who need his help to get into Sherriff’s Station, which they were frozen out of. Of course, Rumple only listens to Belle, and after they all leave Hook is curious about Rumple’s lack of concern over the Snow Queen. At least someone is noticing.

Inside the Station, the Snow Queen continues to try and push Emma’s buttons about her magic, being abandoned, and replaced by Neal until Emma finally cracks and her magic blows a whole in the side of the Station. The Snow Queen disappears leaving Emma to see her damage. When everyone else arrives, Hook doesn’t realize that the hole was by Emma when he accidentally refers to her as a monster. Emma tries to keep them away when her powers injure David, Emma sees the angry/frightened look in her mother’s eyes and runs away.

After looking for Emma, Elsa, Charming, and Hook return to loft and Elsa explains the fear Emma saw that led her to run. Snow feels guilty about hurting Emma and we see poor, poor Emma alone in the Bug.

To end, the Snow Queen pays Rumple a visit and wants to make a deal. What is the deal, you may ask? In exchange for the Sister Ribbons, she will tell Rumple the last ingredient he needs to break free of the dagger’s power. Of course, we don’t know what it is because she felt the need to whisper it, but obviously it can’t be good based on Rumple’s maniacal face of evil. The ingredient will allow Rumple to use his power outside the world, while the Snow Queen gets Storybrooke.

And this officially marks the point where Rumple has clearly not changed.


  • Another spot-on casting for the young Ingrid.
  • Ok, how old is Ashley’s daughter?? Last I checked, she should be in the 2 year old range, but it did not seem that way. Also, shouldn’t Aurora’s young Philip be younger than Neal?? Because I think Aurora was still pregnant after Snow had Neal in 3×21/2.
  • Jared Gilmore has grown up so much since he was that little 10 year old in the Pilot.
  • I actually forgot that Arendellians (?) called the Enchanted Forest, Mist Haven.
  • Will Scarlet gets better with each episode. More Will Scarlet, pretty please!
  • How was Henry not creeping on that conversation between Hook and Rumple? That kid usually wants to know everything.
  • Mary Margaret caused a lot of frustration. I understand her hesitation with Emma and baby, but I think it was too easy, for plot’s sake, for her to be scared of Emma. It didn’t make sense for her character.
  • Rumple is a frustrating fellow. If Neal was still alive do you think he would’ve been searching for all this power? Because this whole lying, not caring that he is about to destroy his happiness by going to big world, is infuriating.


-“Elfish? I haven’t even seen Lord of the Rings.”–Emma

-“What’s a CD?”–Aurora

-Regina: “What’s the occasion?” Henry: “I’m getting married.”

-“You were tearing through the book with your scary face on.”–Henry, to Regina

-“It must be broken. I’ve been staring at it all day and I think I’m even more devilishly handsome and charming than usual.”–Hook

-Robin: “Have I ever told you how I met Marian?” Will: “Only about 3 dozen times.” Robin: “I stole her father’s horse.” Will: “3 dozen and 1.”

What did you think of the episode and the Snow Queen’s story?

Next Week: A special 2 hour episode, “Smash the Mirror” where Emma wants to get rid of her magic before it hurts someone. This has got to be a big episode for it to be 2 hours.


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