Back to the Beginning: OUAT at PaleyFest


For a TV fan like myself, cast panels are a great way to get information about the series straight from the people who make the show.

It’s even better when you can’t make it to LA and can watch clips and live-stream panels online, like with PaleyFest.

PaleyFest, for the unknown, is an annual event with panels of TV shows, from Vampire Diaries to Mindy Project to Lost to Veronica Mars held at the Paley Center over a two week time period.

Once Upon A Time has been at PaleyFest twice. Back in 2012, during season 1, the majority of the main cast, revealed scoop about what was unknown then.

It’s always entertaining to see the things they kept secret and we, as fans, didn’t know. Like, why Rumple visited Archie at his office, what the big secret was with Kathryn (ahem, her fake murder), and who was August W. Booth? In March 2012, we didn’t even know, officially, that Henry’s dad and Baelfire were one in the same.

Check out the playlist of clips from the event and see the other, past scoop, the cast had kept secret.

If for nothing else, it’s always nice to see Josh Dallas’s winning smile.


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