OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “Smash the Mirror”


Thanks to a special 2 hour episode, so much happened on last night’s episode, “Smash the Mirror.”

Emma almost lost her magic (and probably more), more clues were given to Operation Mongoose, and Rumple found the secret ingredient to being free of the dagger.

Yes, a lot happened in that 2 hour period.

Now, check out the recap, along with the thoughts and fun quotes, at the end, (there were a lot) from “Smash the Mirror.”

In Arendelle: With the Sorcerer’s hat in her possesion, the Snow Queen runs off to hide it (and ice it) for safekeeping. She then visits the Apprentice and asks for a way to find a third magical sister to unite with, no matter how long it will take (my question is why she didn’t go looking for Regina??).

Once at the castle with Anna in a cell, she tells Elsa of Anna’s lies, in hopes of breaking her, and you think it works when Elsa visits Anna at the cell. Luckily, her angry talk was a ruse to make the guards think she was casting Anna off. Elsa reveals she has a plan to put Ingrid back in the urn and they eventually find it in Ingrid’s old room with her sisters.

When they find the urn, they sneak back to cell so Anna can trap Ingrid in the urn. Unfortunately, Ingrid actually traps Anna in the cell and has her own plan to turn them against each other using the Shattered Sight curse, which is apparently from a very depressing Norse legend. Ingrid uses a piece of the mirror from her childhood room to cast the curse only on Anna, hoping Elsa will destroy Anna.

When a cursed Anna visits Elsa, she immediately knows something’s up and that Ingrid is responsible. Anna reveals her many, many, feelings about being ignored as a child (“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” flashbacks, anyone?). Even though Ingrid pushes Elsa to hurt Anna, she won’t,and Elsa is trapped in the urn.

Both Ingrid and Anna are not happy. Ingrid chooses to freeze Anna, Kristoff, and all of Arendelle. Rumple visits for the hat and takes the urn from Ingrid as collateral. He will return it, thanks to a catchy riddle (“Urn for the hat, it’s as simple as that.”).

Ingrid goes to find hat when the Apprentice appears with the location of her missing sister. Well, the location of where she will eventually be. In exchange for the hat, he uses a special door, to send her to Our World to wait for the sister (Emma).

In Storybrooke: Henry finds Emma in the woods and tries to talk her down, but Emma is so scared and has no control of her powers that she pushes him away and he is hurt. Make note, Snow: Even after Henry is hurt he still tries to make Emma feel better, not make her more scared.

Robin and Regina had an…interesting night after their kiss. They look back on what
could’ve happened if Regina listened to Tink, the first time. Regina blames the book and shares Operation Mongoose with Robin, who goes to Will Scarlet for help finding the author (Best new Bromance?). The search leads them to the library, and their fascinations with the books is worth it (Will and the pop-up book, Robin and his deep The Cat in the Hat thought).

Ok..lets move this along..

Emma visits Gold to take her powers away and tells her to meet at Manor. Emma calls and tells Snow (I mean, her MOM) the plan and while they are not suspecting anything, Hook knows what’s up and subtlely goes after Emma. He raids Gold’s and determines he (and the hat) are behind everything and goes after her.

Regina finds out what happened to Henry/Emma and brings a locator spell to track her. She fixes Henry’s injury and has a heart-to-heart about ordinary vs. magic (a very sweet scene between the two).

Rumple visits Snow Queen and tells her his plan about Emma’s magic. To keep her trapped, he uses ashes from urn. Snowing, meanwhile, think maybe it is good that Emma loses her magic, Elsa overhears and takes it upon herself to use locator spell.

On her way to Manor, the Snow Queen crashes Emma’s car and tries to tell her via hologram-type thing not to trust Gold. She might be crazy, but, boy, did I want Emma to listen to her.

Meanwhile, Regina has Snowing come to their senses about Emma’s magic and they go after her. Snow and Regina (a friendship that must continue) have many talks about Robin and Operation Mongoose and confirms what the entire series has stressed: Not everyone is all good, and not everyone is all evil.

At the library, Robin mysteriously finds a page from the book in his bag and summons Regina. The page is a replacement of the page where Regina walked away from Robin, meaning…there is hope (Does Snow get a quarter?)

When Emma arrives at Manor, Gold sets the trap, and after pushing, Rumple reveals he will never change even after Neal and Belle (Emma must be desperate if she is still trusting him after he revealed that). Emma almost goes through the door, when Elsa arrives to help her realize that she has to love herself and her powers just as much as everyone loves her. She gets control of her magic, but a lot more is happening outside.

When Hook arrives, Rumple contains him and, unsuccessfully, pleads with Rumple about Emma. The spell fades once Emma is better, but now Rumple decides to get the missing ingredient for the dagger release…Hook’s heart (A theory I whole-heartedly predicted, last week), because he knew Rumple before he was the Dark One.

Instead of immediately killing him, Rumple is going to use Hook as a puppet to absorb someone’s magic in the hat. Hook and Emma have a steamy reuniting kiss, but Hook must retrieve the hat for Rumple (poor guy).

Emma reunites with her family and shows off her magic, but her and Elsa notice the yellow ribbons that won’t come off and their magic starts to feel different.

Rumple visits Snow Queen, again, who is now free of urn and attached the ribbons. She can now use all 3 of their powers against Rumple and shows the beginning of the Shattered Sight curse on Storybrooke. This can’t possibly end well.


  • As a precursor, I’m glad this episode was 2 hours for the only fact that a lot of the really great heart-to-heart scenes would’ve been cut, and they were great character scenes.
  • Once Upon A Time likes their signature horse galloping scenes at beginning of episodes.
  • The storybook should be a lot bigger than it is, or is that the magic of it? Hmmm..?
  • I don’t know where they could have fit her in, but I like Belle should’ve had some sort of appearance for a 2 hour episode.
  • Rumple really is in denial if he doesn’t think he is betraying people…you have a wife who you have been lying to since you got engaged.
  • If looks could kill, Regina’s dagger eyes at David’s comment of her past grievances, would’ve killed him on the spot.
  • Anyone else think you were watching a horror film and yelling, “Don’t go in the creepy, abandoned house, Emma!!”
  • The scene between Elsa and Emma was so wonderful to see them bond and Elsa help Emma through the difficulties.
  • Why couldn’t Ingrid just open the urn right back up?
  • Emma’s giddiness once she has her magic under control and performs a firework show is so adorable.

Quotes: There were a lot of good one’s this episode

“Wonderful. Well, should we send Sneezy after her or Happy? Which is the dwarf she despises?–Hook, about going after Emma.

“You were fantastic! I was absolutely crushed.”–Anna, telling Elsa about the convincing ruse.

Hook: “I left my talking phone in the back of your truck.” David: “It’s just called a truck.” Hook: “What an impractical name.”

“I may have slept in a barn, but it was a spotless barn.”–Kristoff

“You Royals sure go to exhaustive lengths to ignore your issues.”–Kristoff

Anna: “If you see Ingrid use the secret signal. Do we have a secret signal?” Kristoff: “I think ‘Run’ will work just fine.”

Robin: “I need to pick your brain and I need you sober as Friar Tuck on Sunday when I do it.” Will: “I don’t think Sunday’s made any difference to that man.”

“This may be the worst idea you have ever had, and you hired the Wicked Witch as your nanny.”–Regina to Snowing

“You get a quarter from the ‘hope’ commission everytime you say that word. Admit it.”–Regina

“Any book we want is hardly going to be stuck beside The Cat in the Hat. Why would a cat want a hat?”–Robin (Probably my favorite quote of the night)

Snow: “Maybe hope worked.” Regina: “If it did, do I owe you a quarter?”

This was the strongest episode of the season, part of that had to do with all of the scenes that wouldn’t have been there without the two hours, but, overall, it was a really fun episode.

UPDATE: A deleted scene was shared via Good Morning America online with Elsa and Snow. Check it out here.

Next episode: OUAT is taking a break next week for the American Music Awards, but when they get back on Nov. 30 for “Fall,” stuff is going down. Doesn’t look like the Shattered Sight curse has hit, but it’s coming, so time to prepare.

Can Rumple come back from this big betrayal? What’s going to happen when Emma finds out everything? What does the Snow Queen want with Storybrooke?


6 thoughts on “OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “Smash the Mirror”

    • They don’t show it actually happen, but my guess, since it was Ingrid’s childhood room and that’s where the urn was, she just went away and hid the urn (and Hans) and smashed the mirror.
      She does mention the importance of it because she spent all those years sad, in denial, and mad about being isolated which is how the mirror had dark magic.
      Hope that answers your question.


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