Guest Star Profile: Jamie Chung


Time for another profile for the many, many OUAT guest stars. This addition is one of Disney’s ‘princesses,’ even though she technically isn’t a princess.

It’s Mulan’s, Jamie Chung.

Enjoy, and make sure you click the links for interviews and clips with Jamie.

Also, here are the other profiles if you missed them.

Name: Jamie Chung

Born: San Francisco, CA

Character: Mulan

Status: Joined Robin Hood’s Merry Men after she couldn’t profess feelings to Aurora. MIA in Storybrooke. (3×03)

Popular Roles:

First Appearance: “Broken” 2×01

Memorable Quote: from “Heart of the Truest Believer” 3×01

Mulan: “I’m in a story?”

Neal: “They even made a movie about you. It’s actually pretty good.”

Mulan: “What’s a movie?”

Twitter: @jamiechung1


Source: IMdB


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