23 Reasons to be Thankful for OUAT 4A


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Sure, while you go around the table and give thanks for family, friends, and health, think about why you are thankful for this Frozen season of Once Upon A Time.

Check out some (of the many) reasons to be thankful for season 4A of OUAT:

1. Bringing the humor of Will Scarlet to OUAT

2. Regina’s sassy comments

3. The adorableness that is the littlest Merry Man, Roland

4. Cinderella returning after 2 years

5. Outlaw Queen

6. Operation Mongoose

7. Emma’s friendship with Elsa

8. Captain Hook in modern clothes

9. Seeing Henry grow up


10. The family relationship between Emma/David/Snow

11. Frozen references

12. Baby Neal

13. Elizabeth Mitchell’s portrayal of the Snow Queen

14. Learning more of Emma’s past

15. Emma + magic = awesomeness

16. Regina’s redeeming story

17. A funnier, sassier Kristoff

18. SVEN!

19. Expanding the Frozen storyline in Arendelle

20. Elizabeth Lail’s eerie similarity to Anna

21. Regina and Emma working together

22. Charming’s “romance novel cover” wig

23. And Rumple….well, there’s nothing to be thankful of for Rumple this season. Exhibit A:

But, remember to be thankful that the Enchated Forest isn’t celebrating Thanksgiving this season.


I know there are plenty of other reasons to be thankful for OUAT. Why are you thankful for OUAT season 4?


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