OUAT Thoughts and Review: “Fall”


After a mini-hiatus, OUAT finally returned last night, and, boy, did it ever. After the Snow Queen cast that curse, Shattered Sight, Storybrooke had to prepare for the worst, or maybe even find the cure.

There were some happy reunions and tearful goodbyes, but waiting for next week’s episode may be the biggest task fans have.

Now time to recap, “Fall.”

In Arendelle: After the Snow Queen froze Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff are unfrozen hoping for a way to get to Elsa in the urn. When she finds a piece of gold straw nearby, Anna knows that Rumple has taken the urn, not Ingrid. Before they can stop him, Hans arrives, with brothers in tow, to arrest Anna and Kristoff so he can be king. Luckily, they fight their way out of it and run like hell.

Once far away, Anna tells Kristoff about a magic object her parents were looking for called a wishing star that Anna could wish on to get Elsa back. Since the object came from Black Beard they go search him out hoping to get another one.

After a boat ride, to what is seemingly the Enchanted Forest, they find Black Beard and “his ship.” They offer a lot of money for a wishing star, that is, until a certain evil singer, Hans, appears, again, to kill Anna and Kristoff. Black Beard reveals that he met and gave the wishing star to Anna’s parents, but since their intentions were not pure of heart, it did not work. 

As a fool-proof plan to make sure the happy couple dies, Black Beard locks them in a trunk to drown them. Quickly, before they are locked in, Hans slips that: 1. They are on the Jolly Roger (that Jolly Roger) and 2. They were actually frozen for 30-ish years, to even up with Storybrooke’s storyline.

In Storybrooke: As the curse is slowly being cast, the Snow Queen gets a less than pleasant visit from Rumple, who still wants to get the hell out of Storybrooke, with one caveat, to take Henry and Belle with him (he actually does care). Snow Queen agrees without question.

Elsewhere, our Charming heroes scope out the curse with Regina, Hook, and, apparently, Grumpy, who likes to show up whenever he so desires. Emma plans to get themselves out of Storybrooke before the curse hits. But, wait, won’t most of them lose their memories if they cross the line or was that counteracted by the last Dark Curse?? Nevertheless, the giant ice barrier keeps them from leaving, but does let Elsa find Anna’s necklace she lost at the beginning of 4A.

Next step, separate them all, including sending Henry with the soon-to-be Evil Queen, and Elsa and Emma to find answers to find Anna. The all-knowing Belle, reveals that not only can they use a locator spell to find Anna, but when they find Anna, she could be the key to stopping the curse, since the Snow Queen already cast it on her.

Hook is greeted by Rumple, who wants to use the hat to capture the fairies and their magic to be free of the dagger. Unfortunately for Rumple, he has a wife who chooses to help the fairies (Darn Belle) find the cure. Hook hides out in the back waiting for the opportune time to execute the plan.

Meanwhile, Regina goes to Robin Hood to warn him of the curse hitting. Robin may not understand the repercussions of Regina returning to her Evil Queen-self, but she sure does and makes sure they are separated.

Elsa and Emma find where Anna should be hidden, behind a wall under the library, but can not discover a way to get to her. Unfortunately, problems get worse, when it’s discovered that Elsa has to give up the necklace to the fairies for an alternative cure for the town, but Elsa tricks them into giving the necklace so she can continue looking for Anna. Seriously, did they learn nothing from when Hook stole the bean from them?? Check the bag before you walk away, Emma!!

When they finally realize that the necklace is gone, Emma goes to help Elsa again, who breaks her way through using magic. The path leads them to the beach with still no sign of Anna.

Well, at the bottom of an ocean, Anna and Kristoff are trying to break free in the trunk. But, Anna seems to have given up. A truly heartbreaking moment of Anna reciting her vows to Kristoff knowing that their death is imminent, but Kristoff stops her.

On the beach, Elsa still searches, until the light on the necklace goes out, seemingly a bad sign. Elsa makes one final wish on the necklace to have Anna back, and unknowingly, the trunk with Anna and Kristoff appears and sisters are reunited once again. However, to their obliviousness, a message in a bottle appears in the distance. Might it be the one Anna and Elsa’s parents sent before their demise??

Emma takes the Frozen crew to the fairies to stop the curse, but when they arrive they are gone, thanks to Rumple’s plan to capture them in the hat. Since they know there is no longer hope they all brace themselves for the worse at the Sheriff’s Station. But, not before a few more reunions between Charming and Kristoff and Joan (ahem, I mean, Anna).

Emma is forced to lock her parents in separate cells and is given Baby Neal for safe keeping. With many tears shed, Hook arrives to say his (final?) goodbye before the curse hits. However, after they kiss, Emma can tell something is up. 

Around the town, everyone prepares for the worst, Henry is locked in Regina’s office, Belle in Gold’s shop, and Regina locks herself in her vault.

But, even after Charming’s assurance to Snow that their shared hearts would never make them turn against each other, when Shattered Sight hits, even Snowing give each other some dirty, don’t-mess-with-me, looks.


  • I must say, I had a lot more hope for the scene with Robin, Regina, and kids. Oh, well, maybe a cute scene will come eventually.
  • More Will Scarlet, please.
  • Loving the usual use of Emma calling Snowing, Mom and Dad.
  • Since of the lack of moving forward Operation Mongoose, Regina had to mention it to Henry. Though it felt very out-of-place.
  • Ok, where/how did the locket get to Arendelle?
  • Clever twist, I was convinced that Arendelle was still a flasback until Hans mentioned it.
  • I think Snow’s bitterness and less hopeful commentary was foreshadowing her Shattered Sight reaction.
  • Anyone notice Belle gave Rumple his dagger back?
  • So many sad/sweet moments in this episode, Emma/parents, Anna/Kristoff, Emma/Neal. Those last 15 minutes were the best of the episode.
  • Anna and Anna/Kristoff are the best thing to come out of 4A.


“Is everyone into this hope thing now?”–Regina

And I sang with you“–Anna to an embarrassed Hans

“I don’t have time for everyone else. If I have to choose between me and everyone else, then me wins, every time.”–Rumple

Kristoff: “I told you pirates were easier to deal with than wizards.” Anna: “Hey. I told you that.”

Regina: “A good mayor checks that these things are up to code.” Snow: “Yeah, well, if the mayor only has to deal with one villain and it’s herself, that frees up a lot of time for infrastructure.”

Snow: “I agree with Regina, you’re right.” [Regina stares at Emma.] Emma: “Yeah, I heard it too.”

Regina: “Time for a hope speech, virtues of blind faith?” Snow: “Well, it seems Elsa’s blind faith is exactly what is screwing us right now.” Regina: “Coming from you that’s just terrifying.”

“You rolled around in gold bars? Weird, and ouch!”–Anna to Hans

“It’s an amazing miracle, but it is a cold one, and we’re all wet.”–Kristoff

“Killian, I’m not a tearful goodbye kiss person, but maybe just this once.”–Emma

Big fan of this episode! Anna and Elsa are reunited and in Storybrooke, great Charming family moments, along with fun lines from Regina. A fantastic followup to the last 2 hour episode.

Next week: The repercussions to the Shattered Sight curse. Regina is back in Evil Queen mode and Snow gets some revenge on Regina in “Shattered Sight.”


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