OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “Shattered Sight”


The curse has been cast. They’ve prepared for the worst. Now, what was the aftermath of the Shattered Sight curse?

As Rumple prepared for his planned destruction against the rest of the world, Emma and Elsa had to find the way to stop Ingrid and Storybrooke from destroying itself.

And thus we saw the end of the Snow Queen before next week’s mid-season finale.

Now, the recap for “Shattered Sight.”

In Our World, past: When Ingrid arrives in Boston, circa 1982, she comes across a psychic, who she hoped would give her more clues as to how to find Emma. Unfortunately, the psychic isn’t as true as Ingrid thought, after she falsely predicts Emma’s. She storms off and waits patiently, until 1999, for Emma to become her foster child.

After the unfortunate incident of stealing the camera, Emma tries to do what she does best, runs away. But, Ingrid tries to convince her to stay by giving away the teasing kid’s fear of spiders (that was way too creepy for my liking).

Later, Emma and Ingrid bond at an amusement park trying to win from a claw machine. Ingrid notices Emma’s concentration leads to a spark (of magic?) and the crazy starts tingling. Emma learns that Ingrid wants to adopt her, which, of course, makes Emma ecstatic, but things quickly change.

Soon after, Ingrid mentions the sparks that Emma caused and tries to tell her that she has magic. To prove it to an in denial, Emma, Ingrid wants her to stop a moving car. She can’t and Emma runs away from an upset Ingrid.

In Storybrooke (2011), Emma happens upon Ingrid at the ice cream shop. Emma starts accusing her of stalking her (which she did), and throws it back to a Sheriff Graham reference. Ingrid takes away Emma’s memories and when she is reawakened, they go on as if they just met each other.

In Storybrooke, Present: The fighting begins as Snow and Charming fight about everything from, Charming’s swaddling ability to their first meeting. It’s hilarious, but so hard to take seriously. Anna thinks that the way to break this curse is to kill Ingrid, but instead of joining Emma and Elsa, she is forced to stay behind to be official babysitter of Neal, Kristoff, and Snowing.

Elsewhere, Regina is not happy about being locked in her vault and blames it on Emma. When she notices her Storybrooke outfit, she changes–and the Evil Queen returns.

At Gold’s shop, we learn that Hook was not affected by Shattered Sight since he has no heart. But, Rumple wants him to do his bidding, retrieve Henry so they can leave Storybrooke.

When Emma and Elsa find Ingrid, who retrieved some fancy memory rocks of theirs, they are unable to use magic against her because of the ribbons. So, next step: get rid of the ribbons.

They try any sharp object at Gold’s empty shop, until Emma thinks that Regina’s hatred will work against the ribbons. They pay her a visit and Emma uses the Marian scenario to get Regina to hate her so much, that the magic destroys the ribbons.

Then, it’s time to kill the Snow Queen.

Hook, in the meantime, finds Henry locked in Regina’s office. Henry reveals his not-so-happy feelings about Hook and Emma together. Hook gets into the room, but is stopped by the old marbles-on-the-floor-to-make-you-fall routine, and Henry gets away. Will Scarlet also decides to pay Hook back for the punch, but poor guy misses Hook completely.

Regina goes to the Sheriff’s Station, and finds Snowing. Regina poofs Anna and Kristoff away and begins the fight of the season: Snow vs. Regina.

Kristoff and Anna find themselves on the beach and Kristoff reveals some deep-seeded issues against Anna. To stop him from talking, Anna knocks him out with bottle. And guess what? the bottle happened to be the one with the letter from Anna’s mother.

Anna leaves Kristoff on the beach to find Emma, Elsa, and Ingrid. At the ice castle, Emma and Elsa keep hesitating to kill Ingrid. Emma almost gives in until Anna appears to explain the content of the letter.

In the letter, Anna and Elsa’s mother, Gerda, tells the truth of her sisters and her sincerest apologies to them. A crystal with the real memories of Arendelle should be restored (at least we know why they will leave). Ingrid does not believe, but Anna wants Ingrid to be apart of their family. Almost immediately, Ingrid realizes the destruction she caused and sacrifices herself to have her happy ending with her own sisters, now that Emma and Elsa both have their happy endings with their families.

Ingrid restores Emma and Elsa’s forgotten memories, before she dies and the curse is broken.. Around the town, everyone is waking up from curse, including an odd, but funny, laughing fit at the Sheriff’s Station between Snowing and Regina.

They all reunite in town, and exchange the apologies for what was said under the curse.

Back at Gold’s shop, Rumple is none too pleased that Hook couldn’t get Henry. But, Hook’s final plea is to leave Storybrooke, and Emma, out of whatever evil plan he has cooking. He only agrees if they promise to not interrupt his plan, that only Hook knows about, for evil domination in Our World.

We’ll see how that works out.


  • Abby Ross, as young Emma, is still such a great choice for young Jennifer Morrison.
  • Ingrid’s gots the Crazy Eyes, in the flashback.
  • I thought magic wasn’t available in our world, how did Emma cause the spark?
  • It was hard to be happy for Emma almost being adopted, knowing the ulterior motives Ingrid had.
  • Did anyone notice the cricket sounds after Will’s failed punch attempt? Made the moment funnier.
  • Emma knows a lot about Harry Potter for the story only being out a year.
  • Storybrooke, 2011, I loved Emma’s old curls and the casual Graham mention (RIP).
  • I believe Kristoff may have the most comfortable costume of the Fairytale characters–plus, hopefully finds him safely on the beach.
  • Emma breaking magic on Regina’s vault reminded me of Anna (in movie) getting ready to jump off cliff
  • The music after Snow Queen’s demise, reminded me of the Titanic score.
  • I’m not sure what was up with Dopey, but the eating snow bit was true to character.–Check out the deleted scene that may explain some of the reasoning here
  • Is Belle even a member of the cast?? Her only job the entire episode was to sleep on a cot while her husband is trying to destroy the outside world.
  • What is Rumple’s plan?


Psychic: “How will you express your gratitude?” Ingrid: “Thank you.”

Snow: “Can’t believe I had a child with you.” David: “Who knows maybe you didn’t. Could be Whale’s!” (Love that they throw that tidbit in every once in a while)

“Shut it, ice man!”–Charming, to Kristoff

Snow: “I killed the Evil Queen’s mommy and I said I was sorry, and I didn’t mean it.” Anna: “That’s horrible.” Snow: “Still wanna hold hands and sing ‘Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah?”

Elsa: “Emma, you’re a bit prickly, but you’re not hateable.” Emma: Tell that to Regina. I’m prickly?”

“The next part should be easy for me….Being prickly.”–Emma, to Elsa

“You both deserve to die, but not just because of what you did, but because of your whining.”–Regina

Charming: “Careful, that stroller’s not under warranty anymore.” Snow: “You said you bought it new.” Charming: “It was gently used.”

I have such mixed feelings about this episode. The Shattered Sight stuff was great, Snowing fighting, Evil Queen-Regina, and everyone’s bad sides. I am not sure how I feel about the end of the Snow Queen’s story. I guess, I expecting a big finish, like Zelena and Pan’s. But, there is still one episode left of the story and Rumple is going to cause some (many) issues.

Next week: The Frozen story comes to an official close, and we meet the new villains of Season 4B, Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficient in “Heroes and Villains.”


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