OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “Heroes and Villains”


After 11 episodes, it has come time to say good-bye to our Frozen friends.

But, as Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff leave, some new characters are joining the OUAT story. They come in the form of the Queens of Darkness, Cruella de Vil, Ursula, and Maleficent.

There were other characters we said good-bye to, buutttt I’ll get to that later.

For now, the recap of the OUAT winter finale, “Heroes and Villains.”

In Enchanted Forest, past: While Rumple is away, Belle will snoop. Back when Belle was Rumple’s servant, she decides to look at all the magical objects he possesses. Rumple returns from a trip to Camelot and is none too happy to see Belle snooping. He brought back a gauntlet that can find someone’s weakness, which in most cases means the thing they love most.

Belle becomes envious of his travels and says she wants to travel the world. Later, Belle wants Rumple to open up more about the need for all his knickknacks, but he decides not to listen and sends her to do chores. Outside, she sees a dalmatian puppy. She follows, but when it disappears, she is captured by a caped figure.

Rumple goes looking for her again and is greeted ravens, one of whom drops a sand dollar message for Rumple. It is Belle who has been captured and will be released if he gives up the gauntlet.

Rumple brings the gauntlet and is greeted by the Queens of Darkness, Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella de Vil (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten, Merrin Dungey, and Victoria Smurfit, respectively). Rumple eventually gives up the gauntlet to save Belle and we learn why they so desire the gauntlet, because just like Regina, they want to win as villains and let the heroes lose.

We’ll return to the rest of Rumple’s story later.

In Storybrooke: As the Frozen gang tries to leave, they discover that they can’t cross the town line because of Ingrid’s curse. Well, they can cross, but never come back.

Elsa is very calm and chill (no pun intended) about waiting, until she learns that Hans now has control of Arendelle. Emma’s gots to find a portal.

Hook sneaks away from the activity to visit Rumple at his shop. He informs him of Frozen‘s dilemma, but he’s got one of his own, Anna knows his evil plan with the hat and dagger, so she can’t find or know Rumple. He does something very rare for Rumple, he helps and finds a portal by following a broom to the sorcerer’s house, because the Sorcerer helped Ingrid to Storybrooke. Lucky for them, a door appears, and by the look you know it belongs to Arendelle.

Elsewhere with Ingrid gone, Regina can wake Marian up from being frozen. Robin reunites with his wife and Regina sulks at Granny’s. However, Marian meets her there to tell Regina that she will not stand in the way if Robin wants to be with her. (Outlaw Queen ‘shippers go “YAY!!”)

Belle, who is still oblivious to Rumple’s big plan, is packing to leave Storybrooke for a honeymoon when Henry pays a visit. This may be the first scene that they have ever spoken to each other. But nonetheless, they bond as Henry asks for help on Operation Mongoose. Henry helps her pack, but knocks some stuff over. One of the items is the gauntlet (that supposedly was given back to Darkness trio). Belle is obviously puzzled.

For the Frozen crew, Emma wants help them home, but doesn’t know how. However, Hook tells Emma about the portal. Emma is a tad suspicious of Gold, and Hook, and rightfully so, because Gold was speaking for Hook through his stolen heart. And boy, does Rumple have a knack for Hook’s vernacular.

Back to Outlaw Queen, at the pond, Roland and Marian are reunited as Robin watches from afar with Regina. Even though Regina believes Robin will stay with Marian, he throws a curveball and wants to be Regina (altogether now, “Awwww…). Of course, the moment can’t last for poor Regina because Marian drops to the ground going back to her frozen state. The only way to cure her is to leave Storybrooke knowing that Marian, Roland and even Robin can never return.

Then come the heartbreaking goodbyes. But first, Regina is paid a visit by Rumple. He bids farewell and informs Regina about Henry’s snooping. She explains with the cliffnote version of Operation Mongoose and asks how he could possibly get a happy ending as a villain (“Well, it’s because you lie to your wife while trying to gain more power.”–is what Rumple should be saying). Regina seems to question Rumple about it.

Now for goodbye. Marian and Roland cross the town line and instantly she is cured. Robin and Regina give a tearful goodbye and he leaves Storybrooke. (Outlaw Queen fans now are in tears).

More goodbyes continue as the Charming and Frozen families enter the mysterious house with the portal. Before they leave Emma and Elsa say goodbye (I’ll miss that friendship), Kristoff mentions a wedding (aww..), and Anna talks about punching Hans…again. Just as Anna steps across the portal, she wants to know who Gold is in EF…when she learns it is Rumple, Emma is visibly nervous because Rumple made it clear that he did not know her. Uh-Oh!

At the clock tower, Rumple waits for everything to align so he will be free of the dagger when Emma and Snow try to stop. Rumple freezes them, but when he wants to crush Hook’s heart, he can’t. Why?? Because Belle arrived to use the dagger against Rumple and save Hook.

She forces Rumple to send them to the town line. Once there Belle confronts Rumple about his need for power, considering the gauntlet sent Belle to the dagger, Rumple’s true weakness, and not to herself (if that makes sense). She forces Rumple to cross the town line, alone, while she keeps the dagger.

Back in Arendelle, Anna is ready for her wedding after they stopped Hans. Anna and Elsa have the memories of Ingrid restored, when Anna reveals she postponed her wedding so Elsa would be happy also (Aww..sisterly love). And so ends the Frozen arc.

Back to SB, Emma gives Hook his heart back. Regina, meanwhile, is back at Granny’s mourning about Robin. Emma joins and decides to be drinking buddies with Regina. Suddenly, Henry arrives, with a clue about Mongoose. The mother-son trio return to the sorcerer’s house where Henry discovered a secret room full of empty books that resemble Henry’s. Meaning, The Author’s house has been discovered. Emma is clued in to Operation Mongoose and wants to help Regina find a happy ending.

Now, 6 weeks later, Rumple is trolling around NYC and goes to the aquarium. In the past, Rumple revisits the Darkness trio for the gauntlet. Rumple takes it back, but the Queens want him to join them to help villains win for a change. But, Rumple works alone. In the present, Rumple meets a fish feeder at the aquarium and it is…Ursula (dun, dun). Rumple now decides he wants to join them for the fight against the heroes. Only thing left, is to find the other two Queens of Darkness (dun, dun, dun…)


  • So, I guess, Anna went back to get Kristoff from the beach??
  • There needs to be a clarification about what happens when you leave Storybrooke. Do citizens no longer lose their memories? What happened between 1st curse and Shattered Sight, they could go to and from??
  • Theory time: If Cruella was the puppy, does that mean she’s been posing as Archie’s Pongo?? If that’s the case, poor Archie.
  • Did no one at all think Roland could break Marian’s curse with True Love’s Kiss? It is a valid option.
  • There was such a lack of Snow, Charming, and Will Scarlet for it being a finale.
  • I don’t know how to take the Rumple/Regina handholding. Sincere or Weird?
  • That Outlaw Queen goodbye was heartbreaking, there was even a visible tear that fell off Robin’s cheek once he crossed.
  • And what about Regina ripping up her alternate story with Robin, so sad.
  • This was the single greatest tweet from Colin O’Donoghue during the finale.
  • It’s about time Belle learned of Rumple’s lying, and I am so happy that she didn’t gloss over it and actually fought back.
  • I’ve never been attached to Rumbelle, but their confrontation was pretty emotional.
  • You want to feel bad for Rumple, you can’t and I am OK with that.
  • Loved the chocolate throwback to the Frozen movie.
  • I honestly thought once Frozen went through the portal they were done, I’m glad they had a proper send off, I just wished they showed Kristoff.
  • Cruella is definitely going to be my favorite Queen of Darkness.


Henry: “Thanks, Grandma.” Belle: “Yeah, you know, Belle’s good.”

“I choose you”–Robin, to Regina.

“Because I took it. And, quite frankly, you should stop moping and do the same”–Rumple, to Regina about his happy ending.

“Cruella!! I thought I caught a whiff of desperation and gin”–Rumple

“Shall I get you a step stool so you can look me in the eyes when you threaten me??”–Cruella de Vil

“I hope Hans isn’t too comfortable in that throne, cause I’m going to knock him right off the minute we get back”–Anna

“I once said I saw the man behind the beast, now there’s only a beast”–Belle, to Rumple.

“I told you, Swan, I’m a survivor”–Hook

Regina: “I’m not in the mood for a hope speech, Emma.” Emma: “You’re mistaking me for my mother. Besides you don’t need a speech, you need a drinking buddy. Shots?”

Regina: “I’m miserable, again.” Emma: “If it makes you feel any better, so is Gold.” Regina: “It does.” [clink]

“Demanding ransom from the Dark One is not a deal, it’s a death wish.”–Rumple

“I hear cannibalism is frowned upon in the aquatic world”–Rumple

Rumple: “Let’s call him The Author.” Ursula: “Pretentious, I hate him already.”

Now begins the long, long hiatus until Season 4B. This was a good start, but it did not have the finality that last year’s 3A finale had. But, I liked the episode and I definitely can’t wait until we see more of the Queens of Darkness.

For now, here is the promo for 4×13 “Darkness on the Edge of Town” which will premiere when OUAT returns on March 1st at 8/7c.

What did you think of the winter finale?? Are the Queens of Darkness going to be admirable foes?


11 thoughts on “OUAT Thoughts and Reviews: “Heroes and Villains”

  1. Totally forgot they didn’t resolve the lose-your-mind-if-you-cross-the-line thing. I’m going to have to review some older eps I think… Marion acted in a way she could’ve lost her memory (tho she wasn’t part of the curse so would she?) And Rumpel clearly seemed to remember so we will have to see

    I’m a rumbelle fan…. however, there is no way that the writers could have avoided splitting the two for the following reasons:
    1. It would make Belle a weak character… there is already this similarity to co-dependancy and Stockholm syndrome in this relationship that I think needed to be addressed and by giving Belle the opportunity to do what she did it took her out of Stockholm victim/naive librarian realm and made her a strong woman in a realistic way. You can argue that she was strong for being forgiving, and maybe she is, but letting this hat thing slide would have made her too forgiving
    2. This was an opportunity to develop Belle in more depth
    3. Rumpel is one of the most complex and interesting characters (imo) and giving him a happily ever after with a wife and ( baby? As some suggest) would gave horrible consequences for the longevity of the overall plot. Smart writers tease the shippers and don’t give them what they want until it’s nearing the end. I see a lot of freaking out from the rumbelle shippers over twitter but I highly doubt this is the end


    • Oh yes i agree.. Splitting them up was necessary. I would have been disappointed if Belle just forgave Rumple. She deserved to stand up for herself.
      I’m interested to see what their interaction will be once Rumple returns to Storybrooke.
      Thanks so much for reading :))


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