Guest Star Profile: Anastasia Griffith


This week’s addition of ‘Guest Star Profile’ is a quick look at a princess unique to Once Upon A Time.

She is the daughter of King Midas, the man who can turn anything to gold with the touch of his hand, and, in Storybrooke, she is the woman who was destined to keep Mary Margaret and David a part.

It is Princess Abigail, or Kathryn Nolan as she is known to Storybrooke residents, played by Anastasia Griffith.

Check out some quick info about Anastasia and make sure you click any links for Twitter, clips, and an interview with her.

If you have missed the other profiles, click here and all will appear.

Name: Anastasia Griffith

Born: Paris, France

Character: Princess Abigail/Kathryn Nolan

From ‘Damages’

Status: Living happily in Storybrooke with her True Love, Frederick

Popular Roles:

  • Damages (2007-09)
  • Royal Pains (2010-11)
  • Copper (2012-Present)

First Appearance:  “Snow Falls” 1×03

Memorable Quote: From “What Happened to Frederick” 1×13

Prince Charming: Have you tried true loves kiss?

Abigail: Until my lips bled.

Twitter: @AnastasiaGLive

Source: IMdB


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