12 Days of ONCE: 11 Episodes of Frozen


On the 11th day of Christmas, OUAT gave to us….11 Episodes of FROZEN.

Yes. When a Elsa appeared at the end of season 3, we were greeted at the beginning of season 4 with the Frozen arc, which lasted for, you guessed it, 11 episodes (12, if you include the 2 hour episode, which I am not).

There were homages from left to right to the ginormous hit film, from identical CGI characters to eeriely and fantastically casting of Anna and even Oaken.

The overall story  of the arc (SPOILER ALERT) included the aunt of Anna and Elsa, Ingrid, who was erased from the memories of Arendelle after the same powers that Elsa has kills the 3rd sister of Ingrid and Anna’s mother.

My favorite? The 2 hour episode: “Smash the Mirror” where Emma also gets rid of her magic after she can’t conceal it (reference intended).

Which episode of the Frozen arc did you enjoy most?

Missed the 12th day?? Click here to discover it. Make sure you click the links for clips and other posts.

To be continued…Happy Holidays!


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