12 Days of ONCE: 9 Disney Princesses


On the 9th Day of Christmas, OUAT gave to us…9 Disney Princesses.

It’s no secret that OUAT has made this series by making many of the beloved Disney characters apart of their story. That is none more evident than with the Disney princesses who are featured fairly prominently throughout the show.

So which princesses have been included?? Here’s the low-down:

Sure, Elsa is technically a Queen now, but she started out somewhere…in this case, a princess. But, there are still princesses who have yet to be featured on Once Upon A Time, including the likes of Jasmine (Aladdin) and Merida (Brave), both whom would be welcome additions (at least on my end).

Among these princesses, there have been more fleshed out stories, i.e. Snow White and Belle, much different from the Disney movies they came from, but their new stories are what make the characters more interesting. But, there are also princesses who have not been as ‘ONCE-ified’ like Rapunzel or maybe Cinderella, and would gladly be welcomed back for more stories.

It’s no secret that my favorite OUAT/Disney Princess is Snow White. Partly because I love Ginnifer Goodwin, but also because I just love the expansion of Snow’s story to now be fit the strong female characters that OUAT has done a phenomenal job at portraying.

Which Disney princess needs to make an appearance on OUAT? Is there a princess that needs to be seen more?

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To be continued…Happy Holidays! 🙂


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