12 Days of ONCE: 5 Curses


On the 5th day of Christmas, OUAT gave to us…5 Cuuurrrrssseees!

Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest have had their fair share of issues. Evil villains, ogre wars, destruction, chaos, the list goes on. One thing that has happened on a number of occasions are the curses in Our World and in Fairytale Land.

The curses include:

Luckily, these curses were broken, mostly by the one-and-only Savior (to come soon), but also with the help of Regina, Charming, Snow, and others.

It’s hard to pick a favorite curse, considering there’s nothing good about a curse, buuuuttt I would maybe pick the Time Travel Curse, only because it led to Emma going back in time and seeing how Snow and Charming met. Of course, the first curse is good because it led to everything else in season one.

Any curse that was forgotten? Which curse’s story did you like to see play out?

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To be continued…Happy Holidays and a very happy 2015! 🙂


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