12 Days of ONCE: 4 Seasons


On the 4th day of Christmas, OUAT gave to us 4 Magical Seasons!

Seventy-eight. 78 episodes of Once Upon A Time have aired with still another 11 episodes to go for season 4.

There have been curses broken, villains defeated, magic, giants, and pirates–oh my!

Each season has had different stories, characters, and new developments to learn about our favorite fairytales. And just think, it all started with an angry queen getting revenge and a curious kid with a storybook.

Of the 4 seasons, I would have to choose season 3 as my favorite. I enjoyed how they decided to clump the episodes together and split the season in 2. The three month hiatus may have not been the best thing to wait through, but the episodes were well worth the wait.

The reason I love season 3 is because it was an interesting change to see Peter Pan as this horrible, absolutely villainous character in 3A and even more I loved how all of the characters were working towards a common goal in both parts (Save Henry, break curse, defeat Zelena), rather than a number of different stories, like in the past seasons and 4A.

Season 3 also had some of the best episodes of the series. “Ariel” had the echo cave confessions, “Going Home” had the most heart-breaking goodbye scene everand the 2 hour season finale ‘movie’ of changing the past in “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home,” were all phenomenal episodes. It should also be noted that 3 out of 4 of these episodes were co-written by the creators themselves, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis. My hat’s off to them, some of my favorites of the series.

So, which season have you enjoyed the most? Which episode is your favorite? Is the hiatus until 4B coming any quicker than last year?

Miss any of the 12 days? Click here and all problems will be solved. Also, make sure you check out the links for clips, recaps, and posts.

To be continued…Happy Holidays! 🙂


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