12 Days of ONCE: Regina’s 3 True Loves


On the 3rd day of Christmas, OUAT gave to us…3 Regina’s True Loves.

Regina Mills is one of the most complicated characters on Once Upon a Time. She had an unbelievably controlling mother, the son she adopted is the grandson of her enemy, and finally lost her boyfriend because his dead wife was brought back from the past.

Regina has not had an easy life. But, for character who was known as the Evil Queen, she has certainly had great love in her life. Unfortunately, things still have not gone perfectly for her, but with the help of Operation Mongoose, she will try to find (and keep) a happy ending.

So, Regina’s true loves:

  • Daniel, the stable boy
  • Henry, her son
  • Robin Hood, the outlaw

Nothing easy came with these loves, but they have all been sweet stories to watch unfold. Regina and Daniel ended the most tragically with Cora killing him over her own selfishness, and Regina held onto him for many, many years.

We have seen her relationship with Henry change as it has gone from Henry feeling trapped in season 1 to the actual loving mother/son bond that has grown since season 2.

But, my favorite of Regina’s relationships is Outlaw Queen aka Robin and Regina. It was fate by pixie dust, and luckily after years they found each other. Of course, that was torn from us again, but any scenes they have together, it is impossible not to see the chemistry between the characters.

Which relationship do you love of Regina’s do you love to watch?

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To be continued…Happy Holidays 🙂


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