12 Days of ONCE: 1 Savior


On the 1st day of Christmas, OUAT gave to us….1 Savior!

It is finally the last day of the 12 days of ONCE series and the last day of the Christmas holidays.

What better way to signify the last day by paying tribute to the one and only Emma Swan, the savior of many on Once Upon A Time?

Emma is one character who has grown, found, and lost a lot since we met her in season 1. She now has a family, love, and a community, something she never (or only briefly) had in the first 28 years of her life.

Even though it took Emma a while to understand her true calling, she now takes her title as ‘Savior’ pretty seriously, almost like a career.


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But, that hasn’t come without burden. She’s been the missing piece to many a problem in Storybrooke from Dark Curse 1 to Saving Henry to stopping the Snow Queen.

It’s hard not to root for Emma has she goes through all these things (except when she was incident on going back to NYC, I was not a fan of that). No doubt, Emma’s character is one of the best aspects of OUAT, she’s the biggest part of the story, and well, she gives fairy tale princess a completely different definition.

My favorite ‘Savior’ moment would be when Emma broke the curse in season 1 and had to defeat the Maleficent underground. For someone who just learned magic and Henry’s theory was real, she caught on fast and really did her job as Savior.

What is your favorite Emma moment or episode?

Miss the rest of the 12 days? Click here for days 2-12. Make sure you check out the links for clips and posts.

Hope you enjoyed the ’12 Days of ONCE’ series! Stick around for new posts before part 2 of OUAT season 4 begins on March 1.


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