Good Morning, Storybrooke: A Magical Town’s TV


Perd Hapley has Ya Heard with Perd and Robin Scherbatsky had Come On, Get Up New York.

As a TV fan, I have seen plenty of made up shows, but they’ve got nothing compared to Storybrooke’s own, Good Morning, Storybrooke. 

In the season 2 DVD set, a special feature featured a short episode of Storybrooke’s morning show. It’s corny and ridiculous, but at the same time, the best 12 minutes of a OUAT fan’s life.

The show is hosted by Hart Archer and Goldie Locksley (played by OUAT superfan, Yvette Nicole Brown) as they host short segments featuring other Storybrooke residents.

There’s a craft segment featuring the clumsy fairy, Nova, and a reunion for her and Grumpy/Leroy (awww..), Dr. Whale answering viewers’ love questions, and even Belle in her own book segment (of course). Also, let’s not forget the Boy who Cried Wolf with sightings and even Red with adorably awkward commercials for Granny’s.

There are so many fairy tale/nursery rhyme references it’s amazing.

Since this segment, there were a number of short online segments released during 3B to promote the Wicked Witch in to Storybrooke. Those were just as entertaining and featured main players like Snow, Hook, Regina, Emma, and Charming, with some of the best reaction faces.

So, check out the short episode of Good Morning, Storybrooke and also a behind-the-scenes segment from ET. It is well worth all 12 minutes.  Enjoy!


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