They Say It’s Your Birthday…


Everyone has a birthday, even those on Once Upon A Time.

There have been a few times where we see the characters celebrate said birthdays (in dream and not dream), but it’s happened.

So, for a certain birthday (OK, it’s mine), here is a group of clips from when OUAT characters had a birthday.

First up, the most important birthday of them all…Emma’s 28th birthday in the pilot (1×01). The one that followed the prophecy that Rumple made before Emma was even born. This is also the clip where Emma meets Henry for the first time.

But, if I share Emma’s birthday, might as well share the clip of when Emma was born, and ultimately is taken away from Snow, as sad as it is.

Next clip. In season 2 “The Queen is Dead,” (2×15) we learn it’s Snow’s birthday and why she is not a fan of it. Here is a clip with Charming to cheer her up on her birthday and a certain gift from someone who knew her.

Last set. Henry is another important part of the show. He is the child of light and dark. His birth, which we saw with two different outcomes in 3×01 and 3×11, “Going Home,” was important because Emma giving him up meant he would be going to Storybrooke, thus the story began. Also, Jennifer Morrison’s acting in this scene is truly heartbreaking and well done on her part. Here’s both versions of what would’ve happened if Emma kept Henry and when she actually gave him up.

We also saw one of the very few moments where Emma’s birth parents and grandparents were in the same room and getting along at the beginning of 2×19, “Lacey.” Of course, it was a dream and didn’t end very well, but they were celebrating Henry’s birthday nonetheless.

Hope you enjoyed the clips and a happy birthday to anyone else who is celebrating their birthday in the near future.


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