Captain Hook: Music Video Star??


Certainly, many of our favorite OUAT actors have a career outside of their fairytale counterparts.

Superhero movies, period films, and Pirate blockbusters. The OUAT cast has done a little bit of everything.

Colin O’Donoughue has added music video actor to his resume. On Sunday, Christina Perri (“A Thousand Years” and “Human”) released the music video for her song “The Words” featuring the well-known OUAT pirate.

In the video, Colin plays a guy who has this internal struggle of being in love with someone he has never spoken to before, Christina Perri.

I am a big fan of many of Christina Perri’s songs (“I Believe” and “Distance” to name a few more). When I found out she was making a video with Colin, I was very excited about the final product and seeing Colin in this video and when I finally saw it, it did not disappoint.

For weeks, both Colin and Christina have been tweeting about the collaboration with many behind-the-scenes shots of the music video.

For many fans of Colin, you may know he actually has a history of singing, so maybe we can hope that the next collaboration between Colin and Christina Perri could be a duet…Maybe??. 😉

Check out the music video for “The Words” and see Colin in the new project. Also, yesterday (1/26) marked Colin’s 34th birthday, so Happy (belated) Birthday, Colin! 

Enjoy the video.


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