What to Wear?: How to Dress like your Favorite Once Upon A Time Characters


As a change of pace, I welcome the first ever Guest Blogger for Storybrooke Resident.

Today, from the entertainment fashion site, Spylight (check out their info throughout), contributor Emyli Gudmundson discusses the style of our favorite Once Upon A Time characters. From Emma to Ruby and Regina to Hook, there are all types of suggestions on how to make your next outfit look like it’s coming directly from Storybrooke.

Without Further ado…The Fashion of OUAT!

Once Upon a Time is an incredible show boasting a talented cast, a perfect marriage of humor and drama, and stunning visuals. While all design elements of OUAT are on point, the costume department really steps it up. They spare no detail creating fairy tale gowns and costumes, while still perfectly mastering the everyday looks of the characters in Storybrooke.


Everyone enjoys a little fantasy and adding a fairy tale inspired element to your wardrobe is a fun and fashionable way to imbue a little flare into your look. When heading out for the night, step your cocktail dress game and try these ensembles inspired by the Enchanted Forest.


The Evil Queen


Lana Parilla’s costumes in this show are my biggest point of envy. The detail, the embroidery, and the power that are in these dresses is stunning. There is a strength that comes from a powerful sense of style, and Regina has it. Channel your inner queen with this Black Mid-length sheer top dress, Purple Statement Heels, and Black Drop Earrings


Regina wasn’t always evil. Find a softer inner strength with this Gold Bow Dress, Nude peep-toe pumps, square drop earrings, and stacked bracelets.



Once Upon a Time creates wonderful backstories and interconnected relationships for its characters that are new from the original tales. One my favorite new stories is that of Belle. The Belle that we meet in this show will sacrifices herself to a life with the “beast” in order to save her village. She believes in love and kindness above all else and her personal strength is something to be admired. Create a Belle inspired look with this gold dress, red belt, red bow peep-toe pumps, red and gold stacked bracelets, and tea-pot earrings.


To emulate Belle’s softer side, pair this Blue Patterned dress,with these gold t-strap pumps, and gold clutch.

Snow White


Snow White is typically represented in an ensemble reminiscent of her red, blue, and yellow gown a la the animated film. Luckily, the costume department has, for the most, avoided primary colors (with a brief allusion to tradition when we see Snow living with the dwarves). Her wedding dress (above) is perfect. Its pairing of a structured top with an effervescent and feminine skirt perfectly emulates the balances Snows character has with her femininity and her strength.  Rescue your own self with this White Feathered Dress, Silver Shoes, and Silver statement necklace


My jaw dropped when this purple gown appeared on my screen. Make your own jaw-dropping entrance in this Purple lace dress, white leather jacket, and black cage heels.

One of my favorite aspects of this show is the subtle influences from the traditional fairy tale looks that the costume departments works into the Storybrooke wardrobes of the cast, such as Ruby’s affinity for bold red.  Taking hints of your favorite characters and adding simple touches of their flare to your own style is a simple and affordable way to pay homage to your favorite character.



Just as Ruby’s cloak helps her channel her inner strength, this red cape coat will embolden you as well. Pair with black faux-leather skinny pants, sheer black top, red bow peep-toe pumps, and wolf earrings.



My love of Belle is no secret, and I adore the way her classic look gets translated into the “real world.” Get Belle’s Storybrooke Look with this Blue Lace Dress, Red T-Strap Heels, Brown Belt and Tea-pot earrings



Emma is the savior but more importantly she is the only character who never lived the Enchanted Forest. With her representing the “everyman” in the audience, providing not only an outlet for but a voice of skepticism. She needs to be convinced just like we, as an audience, do. Therefore, her character and subsequently her wardrobe is the most grounded in reality. Emulate Emma’s style with this red leather jacket, grey tank, jeans, and boots.

Captain Hook


I will never stop loving Hook and I will never stop shipping Captain Swan. Ruggedly handsome and incredibly charming, Killian Jones embodies personality, wit, and swagger. Find a confidence level to rival Captain Hook with this  Leather Jacket, black pants, red Armani Top, Red Earring, Lace booties,

Mary Margaret


Mary Margaret embodies, kindness, calm, and inner beauty. She is finds her strength in simplicity. Don’t be fooled by the cardigans and pea coats, she can, without a doubt, take care of herself and will do so while maintaining her femininity. Her adorable charm can be replicated with this Pale pink pea coat, embroidered cardigan, bow-knot high waist skirt, pussy bow blouse, and ballet pink flats.

OUATThere are so many ways to let your favorite characters inspire you- why shouldn’t your wardrobe be one of them?  No matter what your style, princess or warrior or anything in between, Once Upon a Time can inspired you and add a little magic to your life and you look.

Spylight makes your TV screen shoppable. We work directly with Hollywood studios to go on set inside the wardrobe department and collect information about what the actors are wearing — so you can buy Olivia Pope‘s iconic white coat or anything else you want. We’re obsessed with the idea of making Hollywood your personal stylist.

You can check out all of many other aspects of Spylight on their website, along with their other social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.


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