Guest Star Profile: Rebecca Mader


After quite a break, here is another OUAT guest star profile of the actress who portrayed the fan-favorite villain, Zelena, a.k.a. The Wicked Witch of the West, portrayed by Rebecca Mader.

Seemingly appropiate, Rebecca was just announced to be making another guest appearance on OUAT during part 2 of season 4 and has been spotted shooting onset in Vancouver.

Check out a quick profile of who Rebecca Mader is, full of clips and pictures from her time on OUAT and other projects.

If you’ve missed other profiles, make sure you check them out here.

Enjoy 🙂

Name: Rebecca Mader

Born: Cambridge, England

Character: Zelena (Wicked Witch of the West)

Status: Defeated by Regina and killed by Rumple–Returning in 4B

Rebecca with Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci in “Devil Wears Prada”

Popular Roles:

First Appearance: “New York City Serenade” (3×12)

Memorable Quote: from 3×12—A great first line by a character.

“The Queen may be Evil, but I’m Wicked. And Wicked always wins.”

Twitter: @bexmader

Source: IMdB


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