From Graham to Grey


At the beginning of Once Upon A Time, we met many new characters from the fairytale world.

One of these included the ever-so-attractive, sensitive huntsman, and the Irish sheriff of Storybrooke, Graham Humbert.

Unfortunately, Sheriff Graham was only a series regular for 7 short episodes (along with 2 guest appearances), but, boy, nearly 4 years since the character’s death and Graham is just as beloved a character as ever.

Now, the actor, Jamie Dornan, has taken the world by storm to play the title character in the movie version of the romance (?) novel, Fifty Shades of GreyChristian Grey.

With the film being released this Friday, 2/13, Jamie Dornan is taking on the press tour, starting with my favorite, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

In the show’s true fashion, Jimmy and Jamie played a game, 50 Accents of Grey, taking turns reading excerpts from the book in different accents. Check out the video below for some hilarious moments.

Keep checking this post throughout the week and I’ll post any worthwhile clips of Jamie’s interviews for the film.

No matter what the film brings, Jamie Dornan will always be Sherriff Graham to us Once Upon A Time fans.


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