Collection of Sneak Peeks: “Darkness on the Edge of Town”


Only three days until the return of Once Upon A Time, and us fans were happily greeted with the release of four, count ’em, four sneak peeks of the upcoming episode, “Darkness on the Edge of Town.” (4×12)

According to the official press release of the episode, here is what the episode is about:

“With Gold banished from town, the residents of Storybrooke attempt to resume their normal lives. Hook and Belle search for a way to release the fairies from the Sorcerer’s hat, while Emma, Henry and Regina continue to look for clues that could lead them to the Author. But when a terrifying darkness descends on the town, Emma and Regina are forced to confront the true nature of evil. Meanwhile, in New York, Gold and Ursula enlist Cruella De Vil to join their cause”


Now, of the sneak peeks released, 3 take place in Storybrooke with Emma, Regina, and crew, while the other is a flashback between Rumple and the Queens of Darkness.

Here we go!

First, the flashback. We see how the Queens of Darkness were united for the first time by Rumple. There is also a clue as to what Cruella de Vil’s magic is, considering she does not have any in the story we know of her.

Next, it’s time to see the budding friendship of former enemies, Emma and Regina. It’s crazy to see how far they’ve come since cutting down trees and a fist fight in a cemetery. Here they are discussing Operation Mongoose.

Finally, the havoc on Storybrooke is revealed when a monster is released from what seems like the Sorcerer’s hat. After all the chaos in this town, they seem to be getting the hang of defending themselves.

Also, here are some additional pictures from the episode, courtesy of TVLine.

Do the sneak peeks make the premiere more exciting? 

Remember Once Upon A Time returns on Sunday, March 1 at 8 p.m., following a recap episode of the show at 7 p.m. on ABC.


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